“It Looked Like A Discount Road Warrior Animal Costume” – Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette on AEW

Jim Cornette wasn’t a fan of Brian Cage’s look on Dynamite.

On the June 14th edition of AEW’s flagship show, Cage teamed with the rest of The Mogul Embassy to take on Darby Allin, Keith Lee, Orange Cassidy, and Sting.

Despite being on the opposite side of the ring, Cage paid tribute to The Icon with his ring gear. His tights had “Cage” stylised into a scorpion design, while he wore bright make-up reminiscent of Sting’s earlier years.

The bout was over in less than ten minutes but that was more than enough time for The Machine to clash with one of his heroes. Unfortunately for Cage, he came off on the losing end of the exchange after Cassidy hit him with an Orange Punch and he walked straight into a Scorpion Death Drop.

Cage could at least take comfort in the fact his gear was well-received by fans, something he tweeted about the following day.

“Sound like this was pretty over…”

One person the look wasn’t over with, though, was legendary wrestling figure Jim Cornette.

Jim Cornette takes aim at Brian Cage’s tribute to Sting

Speaking on the latest episode of his Experience podcast, Cornette joked that Cage looked like he was “trying to do a Road Warrior Animal Halloween costume.”

“He’s exaggerated his mohawk. He painted his face, he looked like a discount Road Warrior Halloween costume.”

He went on to joke that he wasn’t against Cage wearing facepaint, but that he had more immediate problems with the star.

“I mean, I’m in favor of anything covering up Brian Cage’s face, but I don’t think that’s addressing the real meat of the matter with his problems, which is that he’s the f****** s***s.”

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