“It Just Burned Me Out” – Cody Rhodes On AEW EVP Responsibility

Cody Rhodes AEW

Cody Rhodes has revealed one aspect of his work as an Executive Vice President of AEW that left him “burned out” and “afraid!”

Despite becoming one of WWE‘s top stars since his shocking return at WrestleMania 39, Cody Rhodes has continued to shower praise on AEW and his time as an Executive Vice President of the promotion. However, Cody has divulged one aspect of his former role that he didn’t enjoy so much…

Speaking to Chris Van Vilet ahead of the release of his upcoming Peacock documentary, Rhodes discussed creative control being one of the biggest differences between his current WWE run and his time in AEW. Cody stated that he is not involved in creative within WWE and has no interest in that role.

As an Executive Vice President, he felt afraid to pitch creative ideas to anyone as he felt he was too young to be doing so and ultimately felt “burned out” by the process – feeling that he would have better served purely as a wrestler.

“I’m so plugged out of a creative aspect [in WWE]. I mean, from the time I was PayPaling you [Chris], my days as a creative person are… I’m not interested in them.

Even if I had the best idea ever, I would be afraid to pitch it to anybody, just because it just burned me out doing it and I was too young to be doing it.

I should have just been throwing my tights on, boots, on being a wrestler, superstar, however you want to put it. But that was the job. And that’s what the audience wanted and it just was a lot of taxing, great lessons though.”

Why Did Cody Rhodes Leave AEW?

Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi shocked the wrestling world back in February 2022 when they announced their departure from AEW, the promotion Cody helped found just three years prior.

Whilst The American Nightmare has never discussed the exact reason why he left, he recently hit out at reports at the time surrounding his exit – claiming there was a “misinformation campaign.”

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