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“It Didn’t Go Well. He Did Not Support This At All” – Tony Khan On Initial AEW Talks

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AEW President, Tony Khan, opened up about telling his father and family about wanting to start a wrestling promotion when the seeds for AEW were beginning to grow.

Depending on who you believe, AEW began as an idea in the head of business mogul Tony Khan when he saw Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega at New Japan Pro Wrestling Wrestle Kingdom 12. The bout, which was a commercial success at the box office, was said to have been the deciding factor in Khan plunging funds into the start-up promotion and building it from the ground.

However, with struggle that is getting a professional wrestling company off of a ground littered with the corpses of countless failed attempts, the pitch wasn’t an easy one to his father who knew nothing about the business.

Now, Tony Khan has taken to Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette to talk about the moment he told his father that he wanted to start the venture. When asked how that initial conversation went, the President had this to say:

“Not well. It didn’t go well and he did not support this at all. I put the business plan together and then I was pretty much ready to commit to it and again, he had very cold feet and we had some very uncomfortable and loud conversations where I told him this was going to be great. And he’s been so cool about it, my dad, he’s the smartest person I’ve ever known, he knew nothing about wrestling but all of a sudden because he’s a smart business personality he’s paying attention to wrestling, he’s learning a lot and he makes really observant points sometimes. He loves AEW, AEW is his thing but he was never a wrestling fan before AEW.”

Away from the lure of the squared circle, Tony Khan also co-owns the Jacksonville Jaguars and British Premier League football team, Fulham, along with his father Shahid Khan.

Credit for the interview: Oral Sessions