Intercontinental Title Fatal-Four-Way Set For SmackDown

Apollo Crews & Dabba-Kato

A blockbuster Intercontinental Match has been announced for the May 21st episode of SmackDown.

On the most recent edition of the blue brand, Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews came to the ring to present Commander Azeez with the Nigerian Medal of Honor. However, the pair’s actions in recent weeks ensured that the ceremony was never going to run smoothly.

The champion and his enforcer were quickly interrupted by Big E, before being joined by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Big E has been on a mission to reclaim the Intercontinental belt since being defeated by Crews with the help of Azeez at WrestleMania 37. In his most recent title match, the New Day powerhouse was again thwarted by Commander Azeez when he looked on course for victory.

With the four men in the ring and tensions running high a brawl soon broke out. Owens passed out Stunners all round before walking into a Big Ending from Big E.

Seeking answers for being attacked, Apollo headed backstage to try and get answers from Adam Peace and Sonya Deville. Crews asked what was to be done about the disrespect that he had been shown. Deville tried to calm Crews, adding that she would put him in a match against all three rivals if he didn’t. Sensing the opportunity, Pearce immediately stepped up and booked a Fatal-Four-Way match for May 21st.

Elsewhere on SmackDown, Tamina and Natalya finally claimed the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler held the advantage as Reginald made a nuisance of himself outside the ring. The referee soon put pay to his shenanigans as the former sommelier was sent to the back. With everything even, Tamina was able to hit her Superfly Splash on Jax to gain the victory and the title.

The victory marked Tamina’s first major title win in her 11-year WWE career.