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Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match Added To WWE Clash of Champions

Match graphic featuring AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Jeff Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship

As seen on Friday Night SmackDown, a triple threat ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship has been announced for Clash of Champions.

Jeff Hardy will defend his championship against former champ AJ Styles and self-proclaimed champion Sami Zayn.

This comes after all three superstars once again interacted with each other on Friday Night SmackDown.

AJ Styles would defeat Zayn by roll up only for Hardy to get involved after the match. Jeff would bring a ladder into the ring before challenging his two adversaries to the aforementioned bout.

Interestingly this is the first time the Intercontinental Championship has been defended on PPV since WrestleMania 36. Where Sami Zayn successfully defended against Danial Bryan.

Zayn would be subsequently stripped of the title when he couldn’t compete due to the ongoing virus situation. This would lead to him declaring he is still the Intercontinental champion upon his return to television.

AJ on the other hand insists he was cheated out of the title thanks to Jeff Hardy kneeing Styles in the face with his knee strapped up in a brace.

This has been one of the more compelling storylines on SmackDown. With shades of the Shawn Michaels vs Razor Roman feud that led to their amazing ladder match at WrestleMania 10.

Could we see two IC championships dangling from the ceiling once again?

With three athletes as incredible as Styles, Zayn and Hardy this should be one hell of a match and could very easily steal the show at Clash of Champions, Gold Rush.

Clash of Champions will air on September 27 on the WWE Network.