More Information On Triple H’s New Role With WWE

Triple H

A new report has offered a update on the news that Triple H is back as WWE EVP Head of Talent Relations.

In a press release on July 22nd WWE announced that Triple H was now WWE EVP Head of Talent Relations. He takes over from Bruce Prichard who had been filling the role on an interim basis after John Laurinaitis had been placed on “administrative leave” in June.

Laurinaitis’ departure came after it was alleged that Vince McMahon paid $3 million to a former employee with whom he had an affair. The employee worked as Laurinaitis’ assistant.

Further reports noted that Laurinatis is being investigated by WWE’s Board of Directors in regard to a “$1.5 million nondisclosure agreement reached in 2012 with an employee.” Laurinaitis stepped down from his role as Head of Talent Relations at around the same time that the deal with the employee was reached. It is alleged that Laurinaitis demoted the woman after she ended their affair.

A new report from Fightful Select has now offered some more details on the backstage reshuffle. Fightful note that Triple H, interim CEO Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are all set to travel to SmackDown in Boston. While their specific plans are unknown, it has become the norm for the three mentioned to hold a talent meeting when such changes take place.

The report adds that the move confirms that “John Laurinaitis is effectively done with the company.” There was “outsight celebration” from some top talent when Laurinaitis left, with one labelling him a “snake.” All talent Fightful spoke to said they got along with Triple H, while one was unsure as to why he was replaced in the first place.

Although he will need to adapt to the new hiring philosophy which differs greatly from his vision while running NXT. Another long-time talent welcomed the move, describing him as approachable, and understands what talent are going through.

In closing, the decision will not affect NXT, although Triple H will be hiring and recruiting talent once again.