Indi Hartwell Reveals Her Favourite Part Of InDex Storyline

Indi Hartwell Dexter Lumis

Indi Hartwell has discussed her unlikely love story with Dexter Lumis on NXT and revealed her favourite part of the months-long shenanigans.

Hartwell was a part of The Way with surrogate ‘parents’ Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae as well as Austin Theory. However, the Australian star soon caught the eye of someone else on the NXT roster – the seemingly unhinged Dexter Lumis.

Love soon bloomed for the unlikely couple despite The Way’s best efforts to thwart the relationship with Indi Hartwell eventually proposing to Dexter Lumis in the ring.

Speaking to Sportskeeda’s Rich Ucchino, Hartwell discussed the InDex pairing and why she thinks the story went down a storm with fans:

“I think the thing that makes it so loved and relatable is that the storyline is relatable, you know. It’s like the girl chasing after this guy who’s, you know, the parents don’t really approve of, and everyone’s trying to pull her away from him. And finally, she overcomes all of that, even though she has overprotective parents and people telling her not to go for it because he’s a serial killer.”

“People can relate to that I think more so than the body slams and the championships, which is also cool to watch, but yeah, I think that’s why people got so into the storyline, and I’m really so proud of everything we did with it.”

Indi Hartwell then revealed her favourite part of the whole story was the fairytale wedding of the two NXT stars:

“I think my favorite part of it would definitely have to be the wedding because obviously wrestling weddings don’t usually go down without a hitch but this one, I think was perfect. There were a lot of characters, a lot of comedy and it had a really happy and satisfying ending. So if there’s one thing I’m really proud of out of my career, it’s definitely the wedding.”

Unusually for wrestling weddings, the happy couple ended up hitched with no real complications – possibly due to the axe the groom was concealing in his suit. The pair were declared man and wife by WWE Hall Of Famer and internet-ordained minister Beth Phoenix.

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