Independent Wrestler Sets Themselves On Fire In Hardcore Spot Gone Wrong [VIDEO]

Randy Orton with The Fiend on fire

The world of hardcore wrestling is filled with some of the riskiest and most dangerous ideas and stunts. With fewer restrictions and more of a “let’s push the boundaries” mindset abound among smaller hardcore-driven promotions, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some wrestlers choose to literally play with fire.

That was the case with a hardcore wrestler named MASADA, who thought he could take a flaming kendo stick, blow alcohol or some other flammable liquid into it, and turn himself into a human flamethrower.

However, per the video shown below, his stunt literally blew up in his face.

As he spat the liquid into the flames, some of it spilled into his beard, which immediately caught fire.

The twelve-second clip concludes with MASADA moving frantically around the ring slapping his face as he tries to put out the fire.

Pro Wrestler set himself on fire at XPW Show in California

The match was held by Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW) and took place during their Killafornia 2 PPV this weekend. MASADA was part of a tournament called King of the Death Match and wrestled three matches that night.

Aside from XPW, MASADA has also wrestled for ROH, Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) Game changer Wrestling (GCW) and Big Japan Pro-Wrestling. He also appeared on AEW Dark Elevation in a losing effort to Austin and Colten Gunn.

It should go without saying that if you mess with fire you’ll get burned. And while many wrestling fans out there have tried their hands a backyard wrestling based on what they’ve seen the pros do, this is a far more dangerous stunt that even a self-proclaimed professional wasn’t able to pull off safely.