Incredible Inspriation Behind Sami Zayn’s New WWE Merchandise Revealed

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens celebrate at WrestleMania 39

Merchandise has become an increasingly important source of revenue for WWE over the years. During the height of Hulkamania in the 1980’s, the company were swift to capitalise on the popularity of their top star with global licensing deals in place and Hulk Hogan’s unmistakable image appearing on everything from lunch boxes to novelty bath salts.

Jim Ross has spoken previously on how WWE would deliver seven-figure cheques to ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin during the Attitude Era, with the incredible popularity of the legendary ‘Austin 3:16’ t-shirt driving enormous sales numbers and making huge money for the company and Austin.

Typically WWE use in-house designers for the bulk of their merchandise ideas, but one recent WWE t-shirt design came from inspiration of a surprising source.

New Sami Zayn Merchandise Inspired By UK-Based Fan

The night one main event of WrestleMania 39 saw a reunited Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens defeat The Uso’s to life the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship in an emotionally charged contest that was the culmination of a sensational months-long storyline.

Long term friends Owens and Zayn sported matching gear for the bout, including a t-shirt that reimagined Kevin Owens’ silver gaffer tape designed number to include Zayn’s name also. And Owen’s himself has recently revealed that the inspiration for the gear came from a UK-based WWE fan who had tweeted an idea back in January.

Twitter use @Youngy54 took to the social media platform in late January to suggest an idea for a new Zayn and Owens t-shirt, comically naming it a ‘KO-llaboration’:

“So, remember when Kevin told Sami backstage a while back “You need a new shirt, buddy?” Well I haven’t made anything for a while and I had an idea. A collaboration (KO-llaboration?) for the inevitable reconciliation. The Honorary Uce is no more; time to fight for what’s right.”

The fan has expressed his shock and delight by sharing a direct message received from Kevin Owens recently citing his original tweet as the inspiration for the new gear:

“Hey buddy!

I thought for sure I had told you this already but I guess I meant to and didn’t get around to it but your design was absolutely the inspiration for our gear!”

WWE has revealed that Owens and Zayn will defend their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship in a WrestleMania rematch against The Uso’s on the 28th April episode of SmackDown.

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