Incredible Image Of Bray Wyatt’s Transformation Into ‘The Fiend’ Circulates Online

Incredible Image Of Bray Wyatt's Transformation Into 'The Fiend' Circulates Online

A photo of Bray Wyatt surfaced on Twitter, in which he is seen being fitted for his burned fiend mask. The photo quickly gained attention from fans and sparked speculation about Wyatt’s future in WWE.

Bray Wyatt has been inactive in the ring and off television for quite a lengthy period of time. His last televised match was at the Royal Rumble 2023, during his feud with LA Knight, after which he disappeared from the spotlight.

The reasons behind his absence were initially unknown, but it has now been revealed that Bray Wyatt is currently sidelined due to an undisclosed illness.

In the midst of Wyatt’s absence, special effects makeup artist Jason Baker took to Twitter to share a surprising photo of the former Universal Champion. The image captured Wyatt wearing a burned Fiend mask, presumably from his days as the sinister character that captivated audiences.

The release of this photo has sparked a wave of speculation among fans about Wyatt’s future in WWE. Many have wondered if this could signal a potential return of his iconic Fiend persona. However, Baker posted on Twitter that the moulds used to create the Fiend masks were destroyed in 2022, making a full-blown Fiend comeback unlikely.

When Is Bray Wyatt Coming Back To WWE?

There has been no official confirmation of Wyatt’s return. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about an imminent return. Fans have pointed out objects and possible clues in backstage segments that could possibly be hinting at Wyatt’s comeback.

On the May 22nd edition of Raw a mysterious QR code appeared during a backstage segment featuring Adam Pearce, which left fans contemplating a Wyatt return.