Inactive WWE Star Confirms They Aren’t Retired

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Titus O’Neil, who hasn’t competed in over a year, is reportedly looking to return as a competitor when “the time is right.”

Titus O’Neil opened the July 18th edition of RAW as WWE’s Global Ambassador. The former Tag Team Champion welcomed fans to the show and praised the company for being a “safe haven” for everyone watching its programming.

Although Titus has fully embraced his new role, some have wondered when – or even if – he’ll return the ring. According to a new report, the Global Ambassador of WWE intends to put his wrestling boots on again.

Fightful Select have reported that Titus O’Neil was in talks with WWE for an in-ring return. A source told Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp that Titus is not considered on their active roster list but that he could still come back to wrestle. Titus, meanwhile, spoke to Fightful at Three Square Food Bank about the chances of him coming back.

“I won’t put a time table out there because you know in this business all things can always change. But yeah, I definitely have made it my model to take every situation throughout my career and maximize it – whether it’s in tag team competition or singles competition – right now my role is Global Ambassador, which won’t change if I’m in the ring or not.

I embrace competition in all ways and shapes and forms. I also want to return in the right way. Whenever we decide that that’s gonna be the case, then that’s when it will happen. But it will happen.”

Back in March, Titus O’Neil made it clear he wasn’t planning on retiring anytime soon and that he was rehabbing a knee injury. Now that Titus is back in full swing of things, it’s only a matter of time before fans see him wrestle again.

H/T to Fightful.