IMPACT Wrestling Superstar Rohit Raju Names X-Division Dream Match

IMPACT Rohit Raju 2

Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, former IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion, Rohit Raju has revealed which former X-Division Champion he would like to step into the ring with if given the opportunity.

Ahead of IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary PPV event, Rohit Raju would name AJ Styles as the former X-Division Champion he would most like to wrestle ahead of his highly anticipated Ultimate X match on Saturday, July 17th.

Raju would name both AJ Styles and Rich Swann as two former X-Division Champions he would love to face off against stating that he believes he and ‘Swanee’ have a certain chemistry that could lead to incredible things.

“AJ Styles just for the experience and the knowledge and to be able to sit under his learning tree and the fact that I get a chance to be in the ring with someone of his calibre.

I mean, that guy started out as an absolute nobody and just worked his way up to one of the best wrestlers in the world today. So obviously, AJ Styles current roster, Rich Swann. I think Rich is one of the best wrestlers, I think super underrated when it comes to how great he is.

I think there’s certain chemistry there between Swann and me, and I would love to have a one on one with Swannee. So hopefully that will happen sooner or later.”

‘The Mad Dragon’ would reveal during the same interview that he credits a lot of his confidence within IMPACT Wrestling to working with Josh Alexander, TJP and speaking with Eli Drake [now known as LA Knight in WWE NXT] about his promos.

“When I first got there. I was pretty much on my own. I buddy buddied up with Fallah real quick, just because I knew him from when I had, like a trial match in 2017 and we became really good friends.

But other than that, I didn’t know anybody there. I didn’t have any indie buds because it wasn’t indie darling or anything of that nature. I was a guy that had won the gut check and that I don’t know if that was frowned upon or not and no one ever told me. But I have been busting my butt for years. So no one really took me under their wing when I first got there.

TJP helped me out a lot in the last year or two, honestly, is his help, his experience, his knowledge, his guidance has been tremendous. Being in the ring with him. It’s helped me out a lot it’s helped my confidence. It’s helped my in-ring work.

I have grown as a performer, and so I credit a good chunk of my confidence to battling him over the past year, guys like Josh Alexander and Ethan Page, when they got there, would definitely sit back and watch my stuff and give me some really great critiques and advice. But as far as when I first got there, nobody, nobody it was I was pretty much by myself and just really trying to prove myself.

There was there were guys that would watch my stuff here and there and they gave me some really good feedback. When Eli Drake was there. I talked to him about promos and we go over some stuff. But other than that to it’s under their weight. I did enjoy listening to Gama though I enjoyed listening to Gama’s Stories, his history.

That was something I always loved with him was him just telling stories and then giving like Don Callis a hard time because Don was pretty much a young boy when Gama was the man. So it was funny and also was great to see the respect that Don still had for Gama”

Rohit also spoke to Inside The Ropes about what he believes makes IMPACT Wrestling underrated and why he believes hating on IMPACT is ‘the cool thing to do’.

Thank you to Rohit Raju for taking the time out to speak with us and thank you to IMPACT UK for facilitating our chat with Rohit. You can watch IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary Saturday, July 17th via FITE and can follow IMPACT Wrestling via social media.

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