IMPACT Wrestling Reportedly Making “Major Play” For Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy’s name has consistently been in the news cycle since his release from the WWE earlier this year.

The former ‘Best Kept Secret’ has already had his first match outside of the company announced, but it’s since been revealed that another promotion has been keen to acquire his services.

Respected wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer has reported that IMPACT Wrestling has been making a ‘major play’ for Murphy, though he was unable to confirm if All Elite Wrestling had also been vying for the Australian’s services.

IMPACT are expected to debut several recent WWE releases at their upcoming Slammiversary pay per view, though Murphy’s 90-day non-compete clause will preclude him from that particular show.

However, Murphy has already begun hyping his next move by recently updating his social media profile pictures to a graphic of the date 08/31/21, which is when the clause expires.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Murphy explained his thoughts on the clause and how he was working to continue the momentum around his next move:

The 90 days is to kill all buzz and all hype. It’s so you don’t have any momentum when you go somewhere else. I’m not going to blow my load in the first week. I have to expand it over the 3 months. That’s why I drop the progress photo. Then I will drop something else. I feel like they hoard a lot of talent, and now they are saturating the talent. It is a business move I believe they are making. If you send out 3 guys, they can do what they want. If you send out 40 guys, the work gets cut. But wrestling can boom again. Now the pandemic is ending, more talent can go to the indies, and the fans can see it all.

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With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcript.