IMPACT Star Believes Term ‘Mark’ Should Be Reevaluated

Wrestling fans

IMPACT star Mike Bailey doesn’t like the word “mark” as it’s used in today’s landscape.

Speedball Bailey took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share his thoughts on the polarizing term that fans get labeled with. While he doesn’t think that it should be completely get removed from the pro wrestling vernacular, he does think it should be directed more towards a specific type of fan. Bailey appears to be aiming his ire against fans who get concerned when a move executed looks dangerous.

“I HATE when the term ‘mark’ is used to refer to general wrestling fans because of its negative connotation. I feel it’s better reserved for the special kind of sad nerds who get VIOLENTLY ANGRY when a wrestling move looks like it hurts, like that isn’t the WHOLE-ASS POINT.”

Bailey doesn’t reference a certan instance, but one of the most notable spots of recent times is the Tiger Driver ’91 delivered to Kenny Omega by Will Ospreay at Forbidden Door 2. The move was heavily examined by both colleagues and fans alike as Omega’s safety was put into question.

The Origins Of The Term “Mark”

“Mark” has always been a negative term in wrestling, but it’s been used greatly as a catch-all for any type of passionate fan. The word was birthed in the days of carnival grounds, pointed at a particular person who could be conned out of money. Wrestling adapted it when fans, ones who believed the sport to be a legitimate contest, gambled money on the fights themselves, not knowing the outcome was predetermined.

The term continued to evolve as a means of talking about any fans, sometimes negatively and sometimes affectionately, but can also now refer to a modern wrestler today who grew up as a fan of the business.