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IMPACT Shooting Sparks Murder Mystery Angle

Tommy Dreamer

You’ve seen everything in wrestling, right? Well, have you ever witnessed a man get shot in the middle of the ring? That’s just what happened on last night’s weekly episode of IMPACT!

During last night’s wedding on IMPACT between Rosemary and John E Bravo, which anyone who has watched a wedding in a wrestling ring would know was going to go off very peacefully and without a hitch, the lights went out before Bravo was shot in cold blood in the middle of the squared circle.

The finale to last night’s IMPACT episode would see Father James Mitchell officiate the wedding of Rosemary and John E Bravo. Crazzy Steve would walk Rosemary to the ring before Bravo recited the intro to The Addams Family as part of his vows. Swoggle – who returned to the company at Bound For Glory – would be the ringbearer, before Mitchell made it official. However, when the bride and groom tried to seal the deal with a kiss, it was lights out – in more ways than one.

While the arena was in darkness, a shot rang out. Then the lights went up to show the groom, John E Bravo, laid out dead in the ring! The show would end with ECW legend Tommy Dreamer giving a Dallas-esque shout of, “Who shot Bravo?” and crying out beside his Wrestle House buddy.

The segment looks to set up a good-old murder mystery-type whodunit type storyline, with IMPACT’s social media account already poking fun at the angle in the most wonderfully self-deprecating way. Deonna Purrazzo claimed that her loss to Su Yung at Bound For Glory didn’t count as she issued an open challenge to any man or woman alive, before the IMPACT account tweeted, “Guess that rules out Bravo too.”

They also tweeted, “#WhoShotBravo” and even ruled out Maggie Simpson as the culprit!

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