IMPACT Results – November 10, 2020

Anderson vs Alexander for Impact Results

With Turning Point just around the corner, IMPACT and the investigation into the mystery of who shot John E Bravo well underway, tonight’s episode is must-see – and that’s before we mention the X-Division title being on the line. Here are the Impact results and analysis!

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

  • X Division Championship – Rohit Raju vs. TJP*
    • If TJP Loses, he never gets another Title Shot as long as Rohit is champion.
  • Karl Anderson vs. Josh Alexander
  • Fallah Bahh & Crazzy Steve vs. Reno Scum
  • Chris Bey vs. Eddie Edwards
  • Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne vs. Havok & Nevaeh
  • Acey Romero w/ Larry D vs. Chris Sabin

Havok & Nevaeh defeat Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne via pinfall in 5 minutes

  • Kaleb With A K introduces Tenille to the ring
  • Madison Rayne makes first in-ring IMPACT appearance since Slammiversary
  • Rayne and Nevaeh – former tag team partners outside of IMPACT – put on a crisp technical performance to open the match
  • Kaleb heckles Madison Rayne
  • Havok dominates both Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne as Rayne and Dashwood disagree
  • Havok wins via Tombstone on Madison Rayne

Analysis: A very nice match to tease the impending return of the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championships. A really fun, entertaining match that showcased Havok and Nevaeh as one of the most dominant teams in the Knockouts Division.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows hype up Turning Point and their Tag Team Championship opportunity, as well as Anderson’s singles match with Josh Alexander before Ethan Page interrupts. Anderson calls Page the “karate man” before Page slaps Anderon, only to get one back.

Tommy Dreamer then questions Larry D, Cody Deaner with the assistance of a lie detector, regarding the shooting of John E Bravo. Deaner is upset about his loss to Johnny Swinger, which Deaner replies that he didn’t shoot Bravo.

Rohit Raju defeats TJP to retain the X Division Championship via pinfall in 11 minutes

  • The intense rivalry between both men means this goes to the outside quickly, as TJP suplexes Raju on the ramp before the bell officially rings
  • A really physical, high-paced encounter as both men have a sense of purpose and urgency
  • A really impressive surfboard into a pinfall from TJP puts pressure on Raju
  • Raju avoids Mamba Splash and counters with a crossface before TJP counters into a kneebar
  • Rohit Raju goes for the belt, the referee intercepts and is distracted removing it from the ring, Raju hits a low blow to pick up the win

Analysis: Really, really good match! TJP can no longer challenge for the title while Rohit Raju remains champion. It’ll be very interesting to see where this goes!

We see Hernandez coming out of the interrogation room, with Fallah Bahh questioning how he passed the lie detector test. Hernandez says he wouldn’t have been in the situation if not for Bahh, and accuses Fallah Bahh of shooting Bravo. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz intervene to defend Fallah Bahh. Hogan distracts Bahh as Steelz removes money from his pocket and replaces it with tape. Bahh then enters the interrogation room.

The Rascalz all sit down in the treehouse with canned laughter in the background. Dez says they’re being convicted, before Trey corrects him that they’re being evicted. Trey says if they’re being evicted, do they have to leave IMPACT? Wentz says yes.

Chris Sabin defeats Acey Romero w/ Larry D via pinfall in 8 minutes

  • Sabin’s first singles match in IMPACT since 2014
  • A physical contest as Sabin is outnumbered by XXXL
  • Romero controls the contest for the most part, with Larry D taking advantage whenever the referee was distracted
  • Sabin manages to fight free and send Romero to the outside, before hitting a splash on both men
  • Sabin hits Romero with a crossbody for the nearest of near falls
  • Romero takes control again, before missing with a rolling senton
  • Sabin hits Romero with a missile dropkick, kicks Larry D on the outside, then hits three Enziguris to pick up the win
  • Larry D attacks Sabin after the match and both men decimate the Motor City Machine Gun

Analysis: Surprisingly a really intriguing encounter. Chris Sabin always looks amazing in the ring, but Romero had a good showing too. Interesting mesh of styles!

We cut to Chris Bey sitting backstage, before Sami Callihan sits beside Bey and sweet-talks him ahead of his match with Callihan’s long-term rival Eddie Edwards. Bey tells Callihan to just ask if he needs something.

We cut to another Tommy Dreamer interrogation with Father James Mitchell essentially implicating himself as the gunman in every way, before saying guns aren’t his style and that it would be a waste for him to shoot Bravo. Dreamer says the results are off the charts before Mitchell says he didn’t do it, but he thinks he knows who did.

Eddie Edwards defeats Chris Bey via pinfall in 5 mins

  • Both men fly out the traps with high pace, energy, intensity and technical ability
  • The pace continues at a ridiculous tempo
  • A lot of high-offence moves exchanged, before one misstep allows Edwards to roll up Bey
  • Chris Bey grabs a chair, before the lights go out and Callihan arrives with the baseball bat he almost blinded Edwards with
  • Rich Swann makes the save before Ken Shamrock makes his presence felt and Bey seals the deal with the chair
  • Swann ends up with the chair over his head as Callihan looks to assault him like he did Edwards – but The Rascalz make the save

Analysis: The only annoying thing about this match was it only lasted five minutes. Awesome to see more heel tendencies from Chris Bey and, despite the loss, Bey yet again looking like a star. While the match was good, everything that happened afterwards was even better. Controlled chaos!

Backstage, we see Kaleb with a K and Tenille Dashwood approach Jordynne Grace and tell the former Knockouts Champion it’s her big opportunity to join Dashwood to try challenge for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships ahead of the tournament commencing. Grace says she needs a partner she can trust, so Dashwood can try earn her trust at Turning Point.

Rich Swann then thanks The Rascalz backstage for helping him out.The Rascalz say they only have seven days left, and Swann proposes they go out with a bang – proposing Swann and Trey Miguel vs Dez and Wentz on next week’s show.

Backstage, Deonna Purrazzo is interviewed about her No Disqualification Match against Su Yung at Turning Point for the Knockouts Championship. Purrazzo says it has the potential to be uncomfortable for “us” – meaning her and Kimber Lee. Purrazzo says she always has a plan, and Saturday will be no different. She says she’s the Virtuosa and every Virtuosa needs a Curator – but Kimber Lee isn’t there when she turns around. Purrazzo finds a window with “I think ür alone now” written on it, before a lifeless Lee is slammed against the window.

We return to Tommy Dreamer and Father James Mitchell. Dreamer says he has to investigate the claims himself before Havok enters the room. Dreamer asks if Havok wanted to bring John E Bravo back to life, she says no, but that Rosemary made her. Dreamer asks if that made her mad enough to try kill him. Havok says Dreamer should be asking Rosemary these questions. Dreamer says he will – but after Turning Point to allow her to concentrate on her match.

Reno Scum defeat Fallah Bahh & Crazzy Steve via pinfall in 5 minutes

  • Reno Scum fluently tag in and out, decimating Crazzy Steve
  • Luster sends Crazzy Steve to Pitty City
  • Fallah Bahh tags in and turns the match around
  • Bahh hits Luster with a big belly-to-belly suplex before getting a near fall on Thornstowe
  • Crazzy Steve tries to take out Luster, but is caught and driven into the ringpost
  • Reno Scum double-team Bahh and puck up the win

Analysis: A match that simply showcases the depth of IMPACT’s tag team division.

Chris Sabin is in a bar asking for help from a mystery man, and says he’ll buy them a beer. James Storm says he doesn’t need to buy him a beer. Storm says he has a devil inside him that’s been hiding for too long and agrees to be Sabin’s partner. The pair share a beer – much to the reluctance of Sabin – and confirm they’ll be in action at Turning Point.

Willie Mack gets a check from the backstage doctor, who confirms he has a bruised larynx but is cleared to wrestle. Moose attacks Mack, before the tables are turned. Mack says he’ll see Moose at Turning Point.

Karl Anderson defeats Josh Alexander via disqualification in 13 minutes

  • Alexander shows off his technical prowess early on, combating Anderson’s aggression by tying him in knots
  • Karl Anderson turns the tables with sheer brutality, hitting the Tag Team Champion with several clubbing blows before sending him to the outside.
  • Alexander mounts a comeback and hits back with some raw aggression of his own before the pair get into a pure fight
  • Josh Alexander technically dissects Anderson, before being caught with a big neckbreaker
  • Alexander hits Anderson with a big boot
  • Anderson hits a big lariat for a near fall
  • Page tries to distract Anderson, to no avail, and ends up in the ring and attacks Anderson
  • Security breaks up the brawl between all four men

Analysis: Really good contest to set up the Tag Team Championship Match at Turning Point. Brilliantly showcased both men’s strengths, and what a mesh of styles we’ll see at Turning Point. An incredible singles contest from two men we’re more used to seeing in tag team action – but one I’d love to see again.

A solid show from IMPACT. A great main event – despite the disqualification finish – and a superb match from Chris Bey and Eddie Edwards despite it being on the short side. If anything, though, this only serves as a reminder that IMPACT still have several gears they can progress to. This show was another fine example of IMPACT getting the balance right between entertainment and impressive in-ring action. A great go-home show for Turning Point!

Inside The Ropes will keep you updated with all the news heading into Turning Point!

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