IMPACT Results – November 03, 2020

Ethan Page from Impact Wrestling

IMPACT had its second weekly episodic show following Bound For Glory tonight, as the mystery of who shot John E Bravo begins, here are the results and analysis!

Matches and segments announced for the show include:

  • Knockouts Championship Match – Su Yung (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo
  • Doc Gallows vs. Ethan Page
  • Rich Swann & Eddie Edwards vs. Eric Young & Sami Callihan w/ Ken Shamrock
  • X Division Championship – Defeat Rohit Challenge
  • Chris Bey vs. Trey Miguel
  • Jordynne Grace & Tenille Dashwood guest on Locker Room Talk w/ hosts Madison Rayne & Johnny Swinger
  • Who Shot John E. Bravo?

Who Shot John E. Bravo?

  • IMPACT begins with EVP Scott D’Amore confirming that John E Bravo is in an induced coma, and in a critical condition
  • Tommy Dreamer says he’ll investigate, and D’Amore says he’ll wish he was shot by the time it was done

Analysis: A fun segment to hook everyone back in from last week. The only place to begin, really, with that exact question on everyone’s lips!

Knockouts Championship Match – Deonna Purrazzo defeats Su Yung via DQ in 4 mins 30, Yung retains

  • Deonna Purrazzo’s technicality and Su Yung’s brutality cancel each other out early on
  • Su Yung locks in the Mandible Claw, but Kimber Lee slides a steel chair into the ring
  • Yung grabs the chair and decimates both Kimber Lee and Deonna Purrazzo
  • Deonna Purrazzo wins via disqualification, Su Yung retains

Analysis: A good match for what it was. A rematch from Bound For Glory which was made in order to get us to the blow-off rematch at Turning Point. More time and a clean finish would have been great, of course, but not fitting with the storyline. Both women made sure everyone wanted more – which is exactly what they had to do!

Heath signs his IMPACT contract

  • Rhino helps the injured Heath into his seat, D’Amore enters the room and presents Heath with the contract
  • D’Amore says Heath can sign and compete next week, and Heath says we can worry about that later
  • Scott D’Amore claims Heath wasn’t moving too well at Bound For Glory, Rhino says he was nervous
  • D’Amore says the contract will be waiting for Heath the second he’s healthy
  • Deonna Purrazzo’s lawyer demands a rematch
  • Scott D’Amore confirms Deonna Purrazzo vs Su Yung at Turning Point

Analysis: A really enjoyable segment! Great comedic timing from Rhino and Heath – poor Heath – seemed fired up as ever. Short, but hit all the right notes.

Chris Bey defeats Trey Miguel via pinfall in 7 minutes

  • Duelling armdrags set up a high-energy contest as both men size each other up
  • Bey showcases some heelish tendencies as both men counter one another with high-tempo offence
  • Miguel tries to go to the top and the outside several times, Bey always finds an answer
  • Bey wins with a flying cutter

Analysis: As expected, a superb contest. High energy, high pace, and both men matching each other step-by-step. Counter-wrestling at its finest from two stars who could easily find themselves in IMPACT’s main event scene. However, it seems like Chris Bey may be next in line for an X-Division Championship rematch.

Locker Room Talk returns, with Madison Rayne joined by Tenille Dashwood & Jordynne Grace

  • Johnny Swinger interrupts the intro, with Rayne questioning whether he’s a suspect in the John E Bravo shooting case
  • Rayne sets up the chat by stating neither woman has been able to find a tag team partner ahead of the Knockouts Tag Team Championships returning
  • Rayne questions Grace about not finding a partner, Grace says she and Alisha Edwards didn’t click but she’s still confident of finding a partner
  • Madison Rayne tries to hint that both women should team up, with Grace seemingly reluctantly agreeing and extending a not-so-subtle offer that her teammate is in the room
  • Tenille Dashwood responds by agreeing – but doesn’t ask Jordynne Grace to team with her, and instead asks Madison Rayne!

Analysis: A pretty funny segment, and one that could lead to a great ‘odd couple’ partnership down the line between Jordynne Grace and Tenille Dashwood. Impressive work from Swinger, Kaleb with a K, and Madison Rayne.

Tommy Dreamer investigates

  • Tommy Dreamer questions Brandon Tolle about the shooting, suggesting he has a motive after John E Bravo was critical of Tolle’s refereeing
  • Johnny Swinger and Cody Deaner argue about who’s getting questioned next
  • The pair figure out they have a match together, and Dreamer tells them to go get ready for their match

Analysis: Fun, if a bit of a nothing segment. Dreamer investigating is definitely promising though – and I can’t wait to see where this one goes.

X Division Championship – Defeat Rohit Challenge

  • Rohit Raju demands a new challenger for the X Division Championship
  • TJP comes to the ring in street clothes and says he deserves the opportunity
  • Rohit says TJP had his opportunity – and lost it. He offers TJP an opportunity, to get out of his ring
  • Raju says he’s clawed and scratched, before TJP brings up his past in NJPW, being a former Cruiserweight Champion, and comes full circle to his IMPACT run
  • TJP drops the mic, Raju tells him to leave, but he comes back and things get heated – in more ways than one. TJP throws hot tea on Raju before the pair brawl

Analysis: A solid segment with two great promos. The only downfall of the X-Division is it’s stacked with challengers. This one looks like a quick set-up for a title match at Turning Point.

Sabin interview, Rohit Raju confronts Scott D’Amore

  • Chris Sabin is interviewed backstage, he says Alex Shelley will be fine after being injured at Bound For Glory
  • Sabin challenges either member of XXXL to a singles match
  • Rohit Raju yells at D’Amore about what happened in the ring
  • TJP interrupts, D’Amore hilariously tells him to stop throwing around teabags
  • Both men bicker backstage, and D’Amore sets up a match – Rohit Raju will defend the title against TJP next week. If TJP loses, he doesn’t get another shot for as long as Raju is champion

Analysis: Finding out Chris Sabin will be on the show is never a bad thing! The Raju vs TJP match seemed logical, but the delivery was good regardless.

Doc Gallows defeats Ethan Page via pinfall in 6 minutes

  • Gallows overpowers Page early on
  • Page ends up on the outside, hilariously tells Alexander he does the shoulder tackles here
  • Ethan Page gets back in the ring, only to be overpowered again. Page ends up on the outside, visibly frustrated
  • A more vicious Ethan Page takes control of the match
  • Alexander tries to distract Page, but Karl Anderson neutralises the situation
  • Gallows hits Page with a devastating superkick to pick up the win

Analysis: A very entertaining match! It looks like we’re heading for The North vs The Good Brothers in the near future – which definitely isn’t to be sniffed at!

Swoggle is interviewed backstage

  • Swoggle says it’s great to be home in IMPACT, plugs his book – Life Is Short and So Am I
  • Swoggle says it’s time to prove himself as a professional wrestler
  • Brian Myers interrupts and takes offence to Swoggle’s claims, says he’s a freak
  • Myers says he’ll rename Swoggle’s book – My Run At IMPACT Wrestling Was Short and So Am I

Analysis: An intriguing segment between two former friends. Myers has looked rejuvenated in IMPACT – and had harsh words for Swoggle!

Johnny Swinger defeats Cody Deaner via pinfall in 3 minutes

  • Deaner stomps away at Swinger, drinking beer along the way
  • Deaner hits a big lariat, puts his cap on and targets Swinger for a Deaner DDT, to get a rake to the eyes for his troubles
  • Swinger goes to the outside and grabs his bumbag and a chair, Cousin Jake intercepts the chair shot
  • With the referee distracted, Swinger smashes Deaner over the head with his bumbag and picks up the pinfall victory

Analysis: A fun match. Incredibly short, not a technical classic, but didn’t need to be as it was very entertaining!

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose talks

  • Moose says the past few months, he hasn’t been taken seriously – nor has the championship he holds – but that it shouldn’t be a problem any more
  • Moose says no-one can say he can’t be criticised for not earning the title as he went to hell and back at Bound For Glory and killed the greatest TNA Heavyweight Champion of all time, and now he controls his narrative
  • Moose relives the past few years – saying he’s undefeated in PPVs, he beat Rob Van Dam, Rhino, Ken Shamrock, Tommy Dreamer and EC3
  • Moose says no-one talks about his title because they focus on the IMPACT World Championship, before congratulating Rich Swann for winning the “second most important title in IMPACT”
  • Moose shows footage of him attacking Willie Mack with the title outside the arena
  • Willie Mack interrupts and unloads jab after jab on Moose
  • Moose takes control and chokes Mack with a camera cable

Analysis: Well, what an intense segment! A huge switch from the last match. Difficult to argue with Moose, and it’s incredible to see this new side to the TNA Heavyweight Champion!

Chris Bey requests an IMPACT World Championship Match

  • Chris Bey tries to sweet-talk Rich Swann into a championship match, but Swann says title matches are earned, not requested
  • Eddie Edwards interrupts to grab Swann for their upcoming match
  • The pair walk away singing as Bey sits talking to himself

Analysis: Just give us this match. it would be INCREDIBLE!

Tommy Dreamer narrows down the list to ten suspects

  • Tommy Dreamer says he has narrowed down his list to the ten people gathered
  • Father James Mitchell says he can’t believe he’d be accused as he’s an angel before saying he’d blame himself too
  • Taya Valkyrie says she’s also been an angel and on her best behaviour, Dreamer says that’s why she’s a suspect
  • Tommy Dreamer confirms we won’t have an answer tonight – but his investigation will continue

Analysis: Well, I did say we were going somewhere with this earlier – and we did! Of course we weren’t getting the pay-off tonight, but there’s no need to rush. An entertaining segment and a storyline that will get fans and non-fans alike tuning in!

Eric Young & Sami Callihan defeat Rich Swann & Eddie Edwards via pinfall (Callihan on Edwards) in 11 mins

  • Rich Swann and Sami Callihan start off the match, before good teamwork sees Young and Callihan end up on the outside
  • Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan dive to the outside, taking out Young and Callihan respectively
  • More incredible teamwork sees Swann and Edwards on top, before Eddie Edwards hits an incredible Blue Thunder Bomb
  • Edwards hits a huge superplex, with Swann hitting a double cutter – a lot of high-intensity, high-paced offence!
  • Swann and Edwards have both men in single-leg Boston crabs, but Eric Young grabs Callihan’s hand to stop him from tapping
  • Ken Shamrock makes his presence felt, and Sami Callihan hits Eddie Edwards with a piledriver for the win

Analysis: Well, what a match! All four men looked like they’d known each other for years – arguably because they have. A rare sight of them all in the same tag team match, but it most definitely delivered. Pity about the interference, but an incredible contest!

A pretty great show from IMPACT. Really a buffet of professional wrestling, with something for everyone! From the comedy of Tommy Dreamer’s investigation and the Johnny Swinger vs Cody Deaner match to the intensity of Moose and the brutal, technical contests between Purrazzo and Yung, and Ethan Page and Doc Gallows, this was a great two-hour show from IMPACT. The main event was simply the icing on the cake!

Inside The Ropes will keep you updated with all the news heading into Turning Point!

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