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IMPACT EVP Scott D’Amore Discusses EC3’s Status With Company [Exclusive]


Last night, EC3’s arrival in Ring Of Honor was announced via rather ominous Twitter video. The former WWE Superstar, though, returned to IMPACT with a very similar style vignette at Slammiversary. EC3 has been a mainstay on the brand since, making a beeline for Moose and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

But what is EC3’s status with IMPACT Wrestling? Does the former NXT Superstar’s ROH appearance signal the end of his time in IMPACT Wrestling?

Inside The Ropes had the pleasure of asking Scott D’Amore on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass, where he would discuss IMPACT’s new TV deal in the UK & Ireland.

One of my favourite things about IMPACT right now is that you are definitely open for business, and allow talents to be as big a star as they possibly can through everything you do – like Twitch, and appearing on wrestling events outwith IMPACT.

One person who is going to appear on the IMPACT premiere on FreeSports this week is EC3. Of course, everyone has seen that ROH video. I need to ask, will we continue to see EC3 in IMPACT Wrestling and, just more generally, how important is it for you to let talent go and do their own thing outside of IMPACT as well?

“Yeah, that’s a great question. Look, historically, wrestling has clamped down very tight on talent, and sometimes having a very close relationship is great, and sometimes it required, and often it’s something that both the company and the talent want.

“EC3 is a different talent. He’s a different guy. If you’ve followed him, and certainly if you’ve ever had a conversation with him off-camera, you’ll know that he walks to the beat of his own drum.

“He’s been a guy, when he got unchained, shall we say, from where he was previously, it was really important to him to go out there and get to experience as much different stuff as he could, and that’s fine by us. He’s got a long history here. We’ve got a lot of respect for him – even though it looks like sometimes he doesn’t respect our company’s history the way he has treated poor Moose’s championship belt – but he’s a great talent, he’s an engaging and entertaining performer and, just like we support other wrestlers’ outside projects, we are happy to have him go expand his wings and try different things.

“As long as it works for him and it works for us, we will let him in the door and, hell, as seen with Heath, even when we don’t let them in the door, the talent makes it in any way – so we are excited to have him, and he’s a unique guy, so he’s going to be around when he feels like being around, he may disappear when he feels like disappearing – or when somebody gives him a good thumping and he’s got to walk away with his tail between his legs – but certainly it’s been great and exciting having him around with us.”

You can watch the entire Press Pass, featuring Scott D’Amore, Chris Sabin and Ace Austin here.

IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory is available both via FITE and Premier Sports in the UK.