IMPACT Bound For Glory 2020 Results

IMPACT Bound For Glory Results

Tonight IMPACT Wrestling presented the 16th instalment of it’s historic PPV – Bound for Glory 2020, emanating live from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Bound for Glory (alongside Slammiversary) is one of the biggest events of the IMPACT calendar, and last year saw now AEW Superstar Brian Cage successfully defend his Impact World Championship in a No Disqualification match against Sami Callihan. Here are the Bound For Glory 2020 Results and Preview.

Seven matches have been confirmed for tonight’s show including:

  • Eric Young vs Rich Swann for the Impact World Championship.
  • Deonna Purrazzo (Who recently signed a long term deal with IMPACT) vs Kylie Rae for the Impact Knockouts Championship.
  • The Motor City Machine Guns vs The Good Brothers vs The North vs Ace Austin and Madman Fulton for the Impact World Tag Team Championship.
  • Rohit Raju vs Chris Bey vs Jordynne Grace vs TJP vs Trey Miguel vs Willie Mack in a Six-way Intergender Scramble Match for the Impact X Division Championship.
  • EC3 (who recently appeared at ROH) vs Moose.
  • Eddie Edwards vs Ken Shamrock (with Sami Callihan).
  • The Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match with Rhino and Heath’s Impact future on the line, featuring Tenille Dashwood, Tommy Dreamer and 10 mystery entrants.

The full show is available to watch live on PPV over at FITE.

Live results from IMPACT Bound for Glory will be updated throughout the night as they unfold.

Rohit Raju wins the ‘X Division Six-Way Scramble Match’ via pinfall to retain the Impact X Division Championship in 13:32.

  • Rohit is the target early on, with each of the challengers hitting him with powerful strikes to open the match.
  • Willie Mack and Jordynne Grace clash in a battle of the X Division powerhouses with Grace coming out on top.
  • Miguel takes a painful looking bump over the ropes from an electric chair position.
  • TJP gets the near fall with a flipping crucifix slam on Willie Mack.
  • Rohit avoided getting involved early on, instead playing defence and breaking up any attempts to end the match.
  • Grace gets an excellent 2-fall with the Grace Driver on Miguel
  • TJP hits the Frog Splash on Miguel only to have the pin stolen from him at the hands of Rohit.

Analysis: This was a good match to open the show, a good introduction to several storylines and characters for any new viewers specifically the Rohit Raju heel persona. There were some good moments including the Grace near-fall and the Electric Chair over the top rope style bump on Trey Miguel. I feel like the future for the X Division is under Jordynne Grace, and further down the line, she will capture the strap from Rohit in singles actions.

Rhino wins the ‘Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match’ via pinfall in 25:11.

  • Rhino and Daivari are the first two competitors in the match, this is Daivari’s first IMPACT appearance since a 2011 dark match.
  • Rhino and Heath’s IMPACT contracts are on the line during this Gauntlet.
  • XXL are united early on in the match and use their size and teamwork to dominate the competition.
  • Tenille enters the match but avoids entering the ring, instead sending Kaleb with a K in to take a beat down from Havok.
  • Crazzy Steve is the first official elimination, eliminated at the hands of Brian Myers.
  • Swoggle (Hornswoggle) makes a surprise appearance during the match eliminating Daivari with the help of Myers before being eliminated by the latter.
  • Tommy Dreamer pays respects to his late friend Road Warrior Animal, with the face-paint of LOD and hitting a Doomsday Device.
  • Myers eliminates the first six competitors in the match.
  • James Storm makes his return appearance in the second half of the gauntlet wrestling in IMPACT for the first time since he was forced to leave at the hands of Dan Lambert.
  • Health eliminates Myers to keep his hopes of an IMPACT contract alive.
  • Chad Hernandez is the final entrant at number 20 as a result of beating Rhino on IMPACT.
  • Sami Callihan (who entered at #19) eliminates Heath and James Storm to set up the final two of Rhino and Callihan.
  • Callihan gets an excellent near-fall over Rhino with a spike piledriver.
  • Sami Callihan pulls a steel chair from under the ring and is Gored whilst throwing it away, allowing Rhino to pick up the win.

Analysis: This was a lot of fun! It was very simple and effective storytelling, Myers got to dominate early on continuing to legitimise the professional wrestler. Daivari and Swoggle were fun cameos and seeing Storm wrestle in IMPACT for the first time since January 2018 was fantastic. Heath losing from an advantageous position and Rhino winning from number 1 is an excellent addition in the story that I am sure will eventually lead to Heath’s turn on his current tag partner. As with most -if not all- over the top elimination matches the focus was not the in-ring quality but instead on the storytelling intertwined throughout and it succeed in that regard. The match did go a little long approaching half an hour however the debuts and returns kept it interesting enough throughout to justify the length in my opinion.

Moose defeats EC3 via Knock-Out in the ‘Control Your Narrative Match’ in 10:13.

  • We open with a full recap of the story between these two former champions so far. We revisit the devolution of EC3 and the justification for his despise of the TNA World Championship.
  • Cinematic style match from the ring featured in EC3’s control your narrative promo’s, overlapping Depeche Mode-Esque music plays over the fight.
  • EC3 is shown to be bleeding heavily from the head as Moose grabs a chair to question EC3 further.
  • Further production issues occur as the camera crew are incredibly visible during several cinematic shots.
  • EC3 refers to the highs and lows of TNA past as he demands Moose become who he is meant to be.
  • As EC3 goes to end the match he gets flashbacks to his time as Ethan Carter III in TNA with his old theme ‘Trouble’ beginning to play.
  • As the match reaches the crescendo EC3 tells Moose to control his narrative before accepting the title shot to the head to end the ‘match’.
  • As we cut to a full camera shot of Moose we see EC3 pulled out the ring a limp, lifeless corpse.

Analysis: I do not know how to analyse that really, it was fun, it was a beautiful cinematic experience but it wasn’t really a match so talking about the moves and the flow of the match feels very pointless. I am not sure what this means for EC3 in IMPACT but I am sure this will begin a revolution of Moose and we will see him rise up the card once again.

‘The Worlds Most Dangerous Man’ Ken Shamrock defeats Eddie Edwards via submission in 12:12.

  • Shamrock uses his significant striking advantage to dominate and control Edwards in the opening five minutes of the match.
  • Commentary puts over the threat of Shamrock saying that Edwards may never be the same again after tonight.
  • Edwards targets the knees of Shamrock to regain momentum and gain control.
  • Shamrock has the advantage in the striking and power game however Edwards is sensible and aims to utilise his superior athleticism and speed to neutralise the threat of Shamrock’s strikes.
  • Edwards connects with the Boston Knee Party before locking in a single leg Boston Crab.
  • Callihan provides the distraction for Shamrock to escape before the lights cut to black.
  • As the lights come back up Callihan is in the ring with the bat that nearly blinded Edwards in 2018 however Edwards retaliates with Kenny the Kendo Stick.
  • Shamrock takes advantage of the distraction to lock in the Ankle Lock for the submission victory.

Analysis: First of all, I am always surprised by just how well Shamrock can still move for a man in his late 50’s. Eddie sold the strikes of Shamrocks expertly and The Worlds Most Dangerous Man was not scared to make Eddie look powerful as well. The throwback to the now-infamous baseball bat/chair spot was lovely however, the match was a little flat. It needed something a little more to make it go from a fun story moment to a high-quality PPV match.

The North are victorious in the Four-Way Impact Tag Team Championship Match to capture the Impact Tag Team Titles in 14:29.

  • Alex Shelly was taken out before the bell via a butterfly piledriver from Josh Alexander, leaving Sabin as the lone representative for TMCMG’s in this match.
  • The heels isolate Sabin early on, switching between the two teams very fluidly while keeping Gallows and Anderson out the match.
  • Anderson eventually gets involved with a series of picture-perfect spine busters.
  • Gallows and Fulton face off in a clash of the giants moment with Gallows coming out on top.
  • Underdog selling masterclass from Sabin who refuses to sit on the sidelines and coast, instead tagging himself in on multiple occasions.
  • Sabin gets the first near-fall of the match with the Cradle Shock.
  • Page hits Anderson with the belt to set up a dirty finish and title victory for The North.

Analysis: The North continues to be the best tag team in wrestling right now, not only are they immensely fluid in-ring but their mic work and character work evolves every time they are given the opportunity. Ethan Page in particular is becoming increasingly dastardly and vicious as the week’s progress and his ability to portray this is unrivalled. Every company in wrestling should be counting down to the moment they can try and sign the new Impact Tag Team Champions The North. This match was in my opinion slightly underwhelming given the calibre of the 8 men involved however once again IMPACT provided some excellent storytelling moments and there are at least two justified contenders to The North with both Gallows & Anderson and The Motor City Machine Guns being cheated out of the belts.

Su Yung defeats Deonna Purrazzo via pinfall to capture the Impact Knockouts World Championship in 15:43.

  • Kylie Rae has gone missing just prior to the match and as a result, will not compete tonight (this is not announced well by IMPACT commentary)
  • Deonna says she is here and wants to defend the title so any man, woman or child from the back can come on out.
  • Su Yung makes her dramatic return to IMPACT regaining control and inserting herself into the title match.
  • Purrazzo puts over the shock and fear that she feels at the sight of Su Yung with excellent facial expression.
  • Commentary puts over the disadvantage Purrazzo has as a result of preparing for a technical battle and instead being faced with a vicious brawler such as Su Yung.
  • Madison Rayne discusses the idea of her challenging Purrazzo if she is victorious tonight, saying that she would consider it.
  • Su Yung hits a beautiful cannonball from the apron to the outside onto Purrazzo.
  • Plenty of references to Yung and Rayne’s storied rivalry from 2018.
  • Referee accidentally knocked down with a pump kick by the champion.
  • Visual win for Su Yung with no referee to count the fall.
  • Kimber Lee takes advantage by hitting Yung with a chair before being caught with the Red Mist.
  • Yung counters the armbar into a mandible claw.
  • Su Yung hits the panic switch to capture the Knockouts Women’s Championship.

Analysis: This may lead to an excellent story especially if it is revealed that Su Yung has captured Kylie Rae and taken her to another realm however, it was not presented well or clearly at all. A more dramatic reveal was required to Kylie’s disappearance, instead, her theme played once and they just accepted that she must be missing. Su Yung was not a bad replacement at all and its great to see her return. However, the build to Kylie vs Deonna was so good and the match was a major selling point for many that this feels like a disappointment. I think we need to let the story play out on this one and if they journey we are about to go on is good then it will be easy to look back retrospectively at this moment with a much better view of the events. Although for now Deonna losing feels strange.

Impact Knockouts Tag Team Titles set to return at Hard to Kill 2021.

  • Madison Rayne announces that the title she has held twice will return.
  • Josh Matthews then reveals that we won’t have long to wait to find out who the new champions will be as the champions will be crowned January 16th 2021 at Hard to Kill.

Analysis: This has been rumoured for a while and was recently discussed in an Inside The Ropes exclusive interview with Kimber Lee. IMPACT has one of the best women’s divisions in world wrestling and this only allows for more stars to shine in larger storylines and bigger matches which is a great opportunity. Taya and Rosemary, that is my pick.

Rich Swann defeats Eric Young via pinfall for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship in 16:54

  • The pre-match promo package for this show was excellent and very much showed the pure juxtaposition between pure evil Eric Young and pure heart and soul Rich Swann.
  • Eric Young targets Swann’s leg early on going for chop blocks and leg sweeps.
  • Swann shows off the strength of his weakened leg by implementing a series of high-risk aerial manoeuvres.
  • The challenger hits a beautiful rolling front cannonball off the apron onto Young to regain momentum.
  • EY moves from targeting the injured knee of Swann to targeting the neck of the challenger in order to weaken him for the piledriver and become more unpredictable in the process.
  • Swann is punished as his knee is stuck in the turnbuckle and worked over by Young until Swann is unable to stand.
  • The World Class Maniac speaks down to Swann as he toys with the challenger and dominates for a large period of time continuing to work over the leg and neck with stiff strikes and grapples.
  • Rich fires up and is able to find the energy to hit Young with a top rope facebuster.
  • Blood begins to pour out of the mouth of Swann following the top rope spot.
  • The Frog Splash gets Swann a near-fall, however, Young kicks out at two.
  • Swann hits a bulldog from the corner followed by the Phoenix Splash for the sudden win.
  • The locker spills out to support Swann and give him a champions celebration.

Analysis: This was simple, pure and effective storytelling. There are no blurred lines of heel and face in this feud, Young is a true World Class Maniac and Rich Swann is a pure and true underdog. The periods of this match where Young dominated the challengers whilst talking down to him and demanding he quit was incredibly powerful character work from both performers and helped increase the stakes in the match. This felt like a main event and Swann’s victory although out of nowhere within the match fitted the story of the feud and the match and was a feel-good ending to the show.

Overall I have to say I found this years’ Bound for Glory fairly disappointing, especially in comparison to Slammiversary earlier in the year. The decision to remove Kylie Rae and Alex Shelly from their respective matches may lead to some great story opportunities down the line however that does not change that it didn’t make for great PPV viewing. The gauntlet match was one of the highlights of the night with the right mix of surprises and pre-existing IMPACT rivalries and storylines featured within the match. Deonna vs Su Yung was good even if the title change is possibly a mistake especially given how great The Virtuosa’s title reign had been up to this point. The Tag Title match was good but given the competitors involved could have been so much better, although I put a lot of that down to the restricting nature of a four corners style match and that is not a performer related issue. The Control Your Narrative cinematic match was interesting but I still do not know if it was good interesting or just interesting, however, it was beautifully shot and a spectacle to behold.

Swann winning was wonderful and although I feel the match needed maybe five to ten more minutes to feature a couple of extra shine spots and near falls it was, in the end, the correct result. There are many ways IMPACT can go from here and as well as this causing further devolution of Eric Young this could just be the start of something new for Rich Swann, all we know for now is that there is now a championship couple in IMPACT Wrestling. Rich Swann and Su Yung as both World Champions!

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