“I’m The Most Fined Guy In TNA History” – Samoa Joe

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Long before he was a two-time AEW TNT Champion, Samoa Joe spent nearly a decade as part of TNA before it became known as IMPACT Wrestling.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on The Sessions, the AEW star spoke about his time in TNA, saying he believes he may have been the roster member to be fined and suspended the most.

“I think I am the most fined/suspended guy in TNA history. Maybe not by this point, I don’t know.”

When Paquette asked the reasoning behind his many fines and suspensions, Samoa Joe continued, saying that while he never got violent with anyone, he was known to be loud and hot-headed, which could come across as scary.

“You know, I just get upset, you know, at things and I just wouldn’t handle it the right way. And I flipped but well, here’s the thing. It’s never physical. You know, I’ve never assaulted anybody, never gonna threaten anybody’s life. It’s not me, but I think if anybody’s been around when I’m, which I guess you have when I’m hot. And I’m shouting about things I’m told it’s like, very terrifying. And it seems very, like violence is about to pop off and stuff.

“So I mean, I think that’s really the gist. I remember the times there was like, anytime I had a big pop off and like somebody else would have something similar. Like I was always punished way more and it was like we were just scarier. It’s like, all right, cool.”

Samoa Joe Defeated Darby Allin In a Brutal No Holds Barred Match On AEW Dynamite

Samoa Joe’s hot-headed nature has been worked into AEW television as of late. Enraged after losing the TNT Championship to Darby Allin in early January, Joe began a rampage to get the title back, and on the February 1st episode of AEW Dynamite he achieved his goal in a bloody No Holds Barred match that was unlike any in the company’s history.

While Allin attempted to get the upper hand by charging at Joe wearing a sweatshirt covered in thumbtacks, the shirt ended up being used against him when Joe choked out the smaller opponent and covered his face with the very same shirt.

In the end, after Darby Allin had removed padding from the ring, Samoa Joe hit Allin with a superplex from the top rope onto the exposed wood below and picked up the pinfall victory, becoming double champion once again. After the bout, Joe’s old foe Wardlow made his return to AEW, showing off his new short haircut as a result of Joe cutting his hair back in December.

Samoa Joe is also the current ROH World Television Champion, having won the title from Minoru Suzuki.

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