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“I’m Proud Of Him” – Jeff Hardy Praises Elias

Jeff Hardy

On this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Jeff Hardy and Elias would continue their rivalry by competing in a Guitar On A Pole Match.

While the match would receive considerable television time, with Elias performing beforehand and being interrupted by Hardy, the actual climax of the match would see Hardy bludgeon Elias with a guitar – but the instrument wouldn’t smash. Hardy instead, clearly frustrated, smashed the guitar off the pole after the match.

In a social media exclusive clip following RAW, Hardy discussed that moment – and praised his opponent for his musical talent.

“That one didn’t even break tonight. When I jumped off the top rope, it was loud – like a shotgun going off. Out of frustration, after the cover, I went and exploded it on the pole, on the post, out of anger. That guitar is legit, man, and tonight it was proven.”

Regarding Elias’ music, Hardy would joke that he interrupted Elias’ performance so the song didn’t get stuck in his head more than it already is.

“I’m not going to lie, Amen, that song is in my head. Even hearing him sing it, that’s why I interrupted – because I think like it, that’s the problem.”

Hardy concluded the interview by seemingly breaking character to say how “proud” he is of Elias.

“His new album’s really good, man. I’m proud of him.”

On the subject of whether Elias is in the rear-view mirror, Jeff said it’s fine if they’re not done with each other because, “Sometimes you’ve got to love your enemies, man.”

Several weeks ago, we reported on why Elias was moved to RAW, and how management views him as a performer.

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