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“I’m A Huge Fan” – WWE Hall Of Famer Praises Nikkita Lyons

Nikkita Lyons

One WWE Hall of Famer has been massively impressed by the early showings of NXT 2.0 rookie, the much-talked-about Nikkita Lyons.

Road Dogg is best known for his exploits in D-Generation X and as a New Age Outlaw but after stepping away from the ring the veteran put his years of knowledge to good use, guiding the future stars of WWE as part of NXT.

While there, he got up and close and personal with some of the brand’s brightest prospects, including Nikkita Lyons who caught many fans’ eyes when she debuted on NXT 2.0 with a rather unique style of offence.

Speaking on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg explained why Nikkita Lyons is a multi-level threat:

“I’m a huge fan. And you’re gonna know why, of Nikkita Lyons, you know, she’s just like a quadruple threat. She’s learning to wrestle well, she could already wrestle pretty good. She can sing, she can rap, she can dance, and do all of it well.”

“For her, it’ll be a learning process as far as the work goes, but anything else she can do, I would have her, and I’m sure they will have her singing or rapping her own entrance music and you know, all that stuff. I know, we wanted to have her come out with a couple of dancers and have her be the lead dancer of her entrances up on the entrance on the entrance way. And they do like some choreographed dancing.”

“Then she turns around and high fives them or whatever and walks the ring. And they walk off and the thought was, oh, well, we could use some different talent that we have here. But then I don’t know why we didn’t do that. She wasn’t on TV that many times before we actually got let go I think.”

Road Dogg also gave his thoughts on a controversial comment made by his DX partner Triple H directed at AEW.

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