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Ikemen Jiro Written Off NXT 2.0

Ikemen Jiro Von Wagner

It was announced on the latest episode of NXT 2.0 that Ikemen Jiro will be off television for at least a month.

On the April 12th episode of NXT 2.0, the monstrous Von Wagner was scheduled to face KUSHIDA in a singles match. However, Wagner attacked KUSHIDA and his Jacket Time partner Ikemen Jiro backstage before the bout, and Robert Stone declared that Jacket Time would never be seen again after what Von Wagner had done to them.

However, Jiro was not to be taken lightly, and as Robert Stone and Von Wagner gloated in the ring, he charged in and demanded that he be allowed to have a match with Wagner himself. The match didn’t last long, and despite his bravery, Jiro was defeated. After the bout, a mysterious woman in the crowd seemed to be directing Von Wagner to exact more violence, and he launched Jiro out of the ring all the way into the NXT crowd.

The next morning, Jiro took to social media to complain that he was in severe pain from the attack.

“I can’t wake up. My whole body hurts”

On April 18th, fans noticed that KUSHIDA’s profile on WWE.com had been moved to the Alumni section of the website, and news broke shortly thereafter that he was indeed gone from the company.

Fans didn’t have to wonder for long what would happen to KUSHIDA’s Jacket Time partner Jiro, as it was announced on the April 19th episode of NXT 2.0 that he would be off television for “at least a month” due to the storyline injuries he suffered at the hands of Von Wagner. It was also announced that Wagner was suspended from television.

Elsewhere on the April 19th episode, Roxanne Perez (formerly known as Rok-C) defeated Jacy Jane in her NXT 2.0 debut, and Bron Breakker was pushed off a stage after spending the entire episode searching for Joe Gacy. Full results from the episode can be found here.