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“If Anybody Deserves It, He Does” – Eric Bischoff On Sting’s “Perfect” Return [Exclusive]


Former WCW President Eric Bischoff has opened up about how happy he is for Sting ahead of The Icon’s return to the ring after almost six years away.

Speaking with Inside The RopesKenny McIntosh, Bischoff would open up about the “integrity” of the WCW legend.

“I am so happy for Steve Borden, Sting, because, at this stage of his life, everything that he’s been through – and he’s been through a lot, good and bad, like all of us have, it’s life – but Sting has always maintained his character. I mean his character as a human being. He’s always maintained his integrity, that’s a better way to say it.”

Bischoff would also open up about “fan resentment” towards Goldberg and the reason for it, and would compare Sting to Goldberg.

“The difference between Sting and Bill Goldberg is the audience has watched Sting since, what? Late ’80s. ’89, whatever it was, ’90 with Ric Flair, and watched him grow and progress, and they’ve been on the journey with Sting for a long time, and because they’ve been on the journey with them, they feel closer to him, they identify with him. Sting has maintained his integrity. He hasn’t done any really stupid things out in public. He hasn’t said things he has regretted, like some of us have, myself included or Bill Goldberg in some cases. Sting has always maintained his integrity as a professional human being.”

Bischoff would continue, saying he believes the audience may actually want Sting’s return more than The Icon himself!

“I think, at this stage in his life, the audience wants it for him more than he wants it for him, which is perfect. When the audience wants you to succeed more than you want to succeed, it’s a home run. You’ve knocked it out of the park. You’ve won the World Series. But when you want it or the promoter wants it and the audience really doesn’t, you’ve got resentment.

“I think Sting, because of the way he’s conducted himself throughout his entire career, because of the kind of human being that he is, the audience knows that. They may not know how and why and how but they sense that, because of who he is, the professional he is, how he’s conducted himself, and he came out and said, ‘I’m here, I want to end my career on a positive note,’ he did that. I said the same thing when I went back to WWE the first time. The audience wants it for him as badly as he does, and I think that’s just perfect, and I’m so grateful that he has this opportunity because if anybody deserves it, he does.”

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