Identity Of NXT Ghostface Revealed [Spoiler]

Ghostface Thumb

According to Dave Meltzer on the recent edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio, the identity of Ghostface has been revealed.

So if you don’t want to know who was behind the mask, look away now.

As per Dave Meltzer, Indi Hartwell was meant to be the identity behind the mysterious Ghostface at NXT Halloween Havoc.

However, the talent could not make Wednesday night’s event to partake in the two necessary angles because of the recent minor outbreak of COVID-19 first reported by Dave Meltzer on Tuesday. Hartwell was required to isolate after suspected exposure to the virus.

Dave Meltzer said on the subject:

“One of the coaches was diagnosed with COVID, so everyone that had trained in the gym on Friday was told to quarantine for two weeks whether they tested positive or not. Most of the television people were not there. I was told none of the television people tested positive. The only name that I know that was booked on the show tonight that wasn’t there was Indi Hartwell, who was going to do a run-in as the person in the scream mask that helped Candice LeRae. And the idea was for her to unmask as Indie Hartwell but she wasn’t there, it was somebody else. She, I guess was quarantined.”

On Wednesday night’s NXT Halloween Havoc, Ghostface made shock appearances first in the opening Devil’s Playground bout which saw Johnny Gargano defeat Damian Priest to capture the NXT North American Championship and then in the main event which saw Io Shirai retain the NXT Women’s Championship against Candice LeRae.

The cause of Gargano’s victory, Ghostface halted Damian Priest’s finisher when they appeared out of nowhere and clocked ‘The Archer of Infamy’ with a lead pipe.

The interference allowed the challenger to drive a headstone into the champion and expel him from the stage and through the set for the victory.

In their second appearance, Ghostface came to the aid of Candice LeRae and assisted her journey up the ladder in the main event Tables, Ladders and Scares Match. However, this time the assist backfired when Shotzi Blackheart hit the ring and brought down the character with an electric chair.

It is yet unknown whether NXT will carry over the Ghostface angle and unveil Hartwell when she is cleared to return, or whether plans will change to reveal someone else under the mask.

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