“I’d Want Edge Leading Any Locker Room” – Mark Andrews


Mark Andrews has opened up about “humble” Hall of Famer Edge, saying he’d have the Rated-R Superstar leading any locker room.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Mark Andrews opened up about the legends he’s spoken to for his ‘My Love Letter To Wrestling’ podcast – naming Edge as the most eye-opening for him.

“Oh, do you know what? One of my favorite interviews from the whole thing is with Edge. And I think it’s because… This was after he’d come back from the from the first Rumble, from Rumble 2020 but it was before he’d kind of returned properly after that. It was like kind of in the middle of it. We chatted for about an hour straight.”

Andrews called Edge the “nicest guy” and said there’s no arrogance about him.

“Obviously you only hear bits and bobs throughout the podcast but he’s such a humble guy. And considering he’s such a huge star, who has achieved so much in wrestling, but on top of that, he has had so many bumps in the road, like we were talking about. He speaks so on your level, you know, there’s no arrogance about him. He’s the nicest guy.”

The former NXT UK Tag Team Champion went on to say that Edge just spoke to him on his level.

“Honestly, there was no, you know, he’s the higher up, but I’m the kind of rookie or anything about that. He just spoke to me about wrestling from his perspective and it was awesome! It was really nice to see because I think that’s what a lot of at least younger up and coming wrestlers, even like myself, can learn from – is not just necessarily what people are saying, but how they’re saying it and how they act. Edge is someone who I’d want leading a locker room anywhere in the world, so it was a real pleasure talking to him.

“And especially because it’s Edge, you know! Like, it’s Edge! One of the best of all time! He Speared Mick Foley through a flaming table. It doesn’t get better than that!”

You can read the full interview here.

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