“I’d Love To Go Do A Run In NWA” – Headbanger Mosh

Mosh Thumb

Mosh of The Headbangers has revealed that the legendary tag team are eyeing one last run in the big time with one of the big five promotions.

One of the most memorable duos of the nineties, Mosh and Thrasher made a name for themselves with their bald heads, anarchic face-paint, skirts and neon cone breasts that they often wore both to the ring and to do combat. Reigning as WWF Tag Team Champions, though only for 28 days, the pair had memorable feuds with The Legion of Doom, Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart as well as The Godwinns.

Now, the real life Charles ‘Mosh’ Warrington has sat down with The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast to discuss the team’s plans for the future and the one last run they hope to have before stepping away from the industry once and for all:

“I want to do as little as possible. We’re doing it [wrestling] as much as we want to do it. If someone calls us, and if we’re available, and the pay is satisfactory, we go. I’d love to go do a run in NWA, something like that would be fun for a little bit. It is what it is now. As for AEW, if the opportunity was good for us, sure. Never say never.”

Once The Headbangers split in the WWF, Warrington underwent several character changes from the incestuous Beaver Cleavage, to Chaz and finally as part of Lo Down with former WWF European Champion, D Lo Brown.

Currently, the heavy metal partnership reign as Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling Tag Team Champions, defeating The Brothers in Arms for the straps at ARW: Blood, Sweat and FEARS! on October 23, 2020.

Credit for the interview: The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.