Iconic WWE Tag Team Signs Legends Contract

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A popular tag team from WWE’s Attitude Era have signed up to a Legends contract with the company.

Chris Warrington and Glenn Ruth first teamed up in the mid-1990s as ‘The Spiders’. They made appearances in the USWA and NWA before joining Smoky Mountain Wrestling in 1995. There, they changed their names, with Warrington becoming Mosh and Ruth now known as Thrasher. Together they were known as The Headbangers.

The pair signed with WWE in 1996 and were briefly known as ‘The Flying Nuns’ before reverting to the Headbangers gimmick in 1997. The pair used facepaint and wore skirts to the ring as well as carrying a boombox to play into their love of heavy metal.

The duo won the Tag Team Championships at Ground Zero in 1997, defeating The Godwinns, Legion of Doom, and Owen Hart & The British Bulldog in a Fourway Elimination Match. They held the titles for 28 days before losing them to The Godwinns at Badd Blood.

After briefly splitting in 1998 after Thrasher suffered a legitimate injury, the team reunited and became a mainstay of the tag division until 2000 when Mosh instead began teaming with D’Lo Brown while Thrasher was released from the company.

The Headbangers have made a few appearances in the company since then and took part in a tournament to crown new SmackDown Tag Team Champions in 2016. However, they were eliminated by Heath Slater and Rhyno in the first round.

The Headbangers sign WWE Legends deal

Now, the pair are back in WWE. Thrasher took to social media to reveal that he and Mosh have signed a ‘Nostalgia agreement’ with the company which means more merchandise will be coming soon.

He later responded to a fan to clarify that the agreement is the same as the Legends contracts many other veterans have signed over the years.

“I can finally post this!!

“I’m completely excited and fortunate to have this opportunity!

“The Headbangers have signed a WWE Nostalgia agreement!!

“Look for your Headbangers merch coming soon!!!

“WOW blessed!!

“Thank you @WWE!!!”