Ice Ribbon’s 03/27 Korakuen Hall Show – Detailed Results

On March 27th Ice Ribbon held a huge show at Korakuen Hall, Japan, featuring a brutal hardcore match and some top titles on the line.

Banny Oikawa, Maika Ozaki, Rina Yamashita and Yuuki Mashiro def Saori Anou, Satsuki Totoro, Tsukushi Haruka and Yappy. (10:43)

  • Tsukushi started the match off attempting to evade Mashiro’s barrage of pinning combinations.
  • Mashiro eventually pulled back with a school boy roll up but didn’t get the three count.
  • Everyone, including the referee gets knocked down amidst the chaos.
  • Yappy and Mashiro reignite their social media feud following Yappy’s P’s League loss to Mashiro.
  • After a back and forth, Mashiro pins Yappy with the Marshmallow Roll for a three count.
  • Mashiro gets a big win in Korakuen Hall.

Triangle Ribbon Championship: Uno Matsuya def Ram Kaichow (c) and Ibuki Hoshi (6:48)

  • Ibuki took a strong lead in the first half with Uno and Ibuki teaming up on the champion Ram to gain the upper hand.
  • Uno wasn’t going to let Ibuki take control as they faced off with Ram out of the equation.
  • Ram got back into the ring but was caught in a heel hook by Uno. Ibuki then caught Uno with a sleeper hold.
  • Ibuki took off Uno’s gi to reveal her chest and go in for a series of thunderous chops.
  • Ibuki attempted to finish the match but was foiled by Ram crashing in from the top and going for the pin.
  • Ram hit a rainmaker, a dropkick and a 619 all in one go but as she went to the corner, Uno cut her off and slams her down onto Ibuki.
  • Ram reversed Uno and rolled her up for a two count.
  • Ram hits a basement dropkick and attempts the La Mahistral but Uno reverses it into her own pin.
  • Uno locks in the Matsuya Special on Ram which made Ram tap out.
  • Uno Matsuya wins the Triangle Ribbon Championship for the second time in a little over a year.

Cherry, Tae Honma and Thekla def Akane Fujita, Miku Aino and Risa Sera (10:12)

  • This match is a prelude to Thekla and Risa Sera’s match for Risa’s FantastICE championship on April 11th.
  • Sera being the champion was the target of the match as the opposing team took control before Akane evened the score.
  • Sera attempted a giant swing on Thekla and Honma but it failed.
  • Thekla and Sera spent a lot of time in the ring, any attempt at getting the upper hand was no use.
  • As Sera took the upper hand, Akane accidentally took out her partner.
  • With Thekla in the corner, she pulled a cup out of her bag and threatened Sera with it. Rightfully confused, Sera stood there before Thekla smeared a green slime all over Sera’s face before rolling her up for the win.
  • Unhappy with what happened, Sera went to attack Thekla but she fled the ring.

Suzu Suzuki Seven Match Hardcore Series: Takashi Sasaki def Suzu Suzuki (15:59)

  • Suzu has her second match of her seven match hardcore series, she lost the first match to Yoka Miyamoto back in February.
  • Suzu entered with a board covered in jingle bells (Suzu means jingle bells in Japanese).
  • Suzu started off quick with a dropkick to Takashi, knocking him out of the ring.
  • Suzu hit a diving crossbody to the outside.
  • Trying to utilise her bell board once back in the ring was no use as the bigger Takashi tosses Suzu straight into it. He hit her with a brain buster that split the board in half.
  • Suzu tries to fight back until Takashi ties her up with a chair and traps her neck.
  • More back and forth between the two, Suzu grabs her bucket of bells and dumps them all over the ring before hitting a brain buster of her own, slamming Takashi straight into the bells.
  • With chairs scattered in the ring, Takashi throws Suzu straight onto the pile.
  • Takashi brought a ladder into the mix but neither could use it to get the win.
  • Suzu almost got the victory with a German Suplex.
  • Takashi then brought a table into the ring, sending Suzu straight through it and immediately followed up with a big powerbomb.
  • Suzu tried her best to fight but Takashi climbed the ladder and hit the D-Geist for the three count.

After the match Takashi and Suzu exchanged words. Suzu wanted to get into deathmatch wrestling because of the match she saw between Takashi and her previous opponent Miyamoto. Takashi wasn’t too pleased that Suzu ended up being a fan of Miyamoto and not him however he admired that she was going through with seven hardcore matches.

FREEDOMS wrestler Masashi Takeda appeared on the big screen and revealed himself as Suzu’s third opponent in her trial.

Takashi then told Suzu that she could call him the father of wrestling, even if it does sound a little weird being called “dad”. Like a good wrestling father, Takashi left with Suzu on his back.

Hiragi Kurumi and Hiroyo Matsumoto def Lovely Butchers Hamuko Hoshi and Mochi Miyagi (11:07)

  • The match kicked off with a fakeout handshake from Hiroyo and Kurumi.
  • A lot of banter back and forth between each team full of poses until the match went a little more serious.
  • The Lovely Butchers took advantage of Kurumi and Hiroyo’s lack of experience as a tag team.
  • The individual strength of Hiroyo and Kurumi was enough to fight back before hitting a double team brain buster to gain momentum.
  • Although Hamuko tried to get her own back but it wasn’t enough to overpower the duo.
  • After kicking out of a lariat, Hiroyo hit a Rock Drop onto Hamuko for the three.

ICExInfinity Championship: Tsukasa Fujimoto def Maya Yukihi (22:58)

  • Second title defence for Fujimoto. The last time these two faced off in a singles match, Yuki was the champion and was stripped of her title after it went to a draw.
  • The match started with some technical wrestling, lots of joint manipulation and ground work.
  • They both traded some brutal soccer kicks between each other. Yuki got the advantage by catching Fujimoto’s leg and locking in a heel hook.
  • Yuki followed up with a backbreaker and a series of knee drops until Fujimoto escaped.
  • Fighting out of the attack, Fujimoto hit Yuki with an ace crusher off the apron. Heading back into the ring with a missile kick, Fujimoto got a two count.
  • Fujimoto continues on, hitting a series of kicks and a rolling neck breaker for another two.
  • Although Fujimoto tried to keep up the momentum, Yuki hit another back breaker and a brain buster for a two count.
  • Yuki lifted Fujimoto up onto her shoulders to go for the finish but Fujimoto fought out and hit a Casadora for the two.
  • As the match went on, neither woman could truly get the upper hand. Every attempt to end the match was reversed by the other.
  • Tough elbow exchanges between them.
  • Fujimoto hit a double chop but Yuki hit her back with a high kick. After Fujimoto hit her own kick, both women went down.
  • Yuki catches Fujimoto’s dive attempt and went to hit her with the tombstone piledriver but Fujimoto reverses out of it. Then Yuki reversed it. Then Fujimoto reversed again and hit an arm drag.
  • As Yuki lifted her up but Fujimoto countered with an Infinity for a two count.
  • Fujimoto’s attempt at the Venus Shot was countered.
  • Yuki eventually took controlled as Fujimoto found herself stuck in the corner, getting hit with everything that Yuki had to offer but it wasn’t enough.
  • A tiger driver, a high kick, a knee and a buzzsaw kick in succession still couldn’t put Fujimoto away.
  • With Yuki heading to the corner, Fujimoto finally hit her Venus Shot.
  • Even though there was still some fight left, Fujimoto hit the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex for the three count.

At the conclusion of the match, Fujimoto offered Yuki the position of Player Liaison which she stepped down from after forming the unit RebelxEnemy.

Yuki took the offer but explained that despite taking the role, RebelxEnemy would continue because of the bond that the group had formed.

Fujimoto, alongside Tsukushi, then challenged Yuki and Maika Ozaki to a match for the Ribbon Tag Titles. However, Hiragi Kurumi and Hiroyo Matsumoto came out and also staked their claim to the titles.

With thanks to Ice Ribbon for the match report and photos. For more information, please follow Ice Ribbon’s Official English Twitter Account.