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“I Would Listen” – Jon Moxley On Potential Future WWE Return

Jon Moxley

Former AEW and WWE Champion Jon Moxley has opened up about a potential return to WWE in the future – declaring, “I would listen” if the company were to call him regarding a comeback.

Speaking via B/R AMA, Jon Moxley – known in WWE as Dean Ambrose – would highlight the importance of not burning any bridges, as you never want to have any regrets.

“You gotta say never say never, because you don’t want to run back what you said years later because you don’t know what’ll happen. Just the creation of AEW was so vital to the wrestling industry, and that’s part of the reason why I’m so proud to be a part of it. I wouldn’t rule out ever doing business with them again, we had a mutually beneficial relationship for a long time.”

Moxley spent eight years in WWE, before departing for AEW in 2019 where he has undoubtedly become one of the company’s flagship talents. The former WWE Champion added that he doubts they’d ever be on the same page, but said he would be open to the idea of a possible return at least.

“If they called I would listen, but I highly doubt we would ever be on the same page. I’d be open to an idea. I don’t not like money. I got a kid on the way and gotta put it through college so ya know. I would take a phone call, but I highly doubt anything would materialize.”

For now, though, Jon Moxley is a major part of AEW. You can catch the former AEW Champion every week via Fite TV.