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“I Wish Vince Would Learn And Listen” – Maria Kanellis

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Maria Kanellis has spoken out about her opinion of former employer and WWE President, Vince McMahon.

Kanellis, who was a favourite of WWE’s roster from 2005-2010 as the girl-next-door, returned to the company alongside husband Mike Kanellis in 2017 but thanks to injury and pregnancy was rarely used on television.

Her most memorable angle came in a cuckold storyline with her spouse, where she informed him that the baby they were expecting wasn’t his and Mike was forced to go along with whatever it was his wife wanted even though it meant public humiliation.

Now, Maria has joined the ROH Strong Podcast to talk about Vince McMahon and give her opinion on how the tycoon needs to show the world that he’s changed.

“Vince McMahon gave me an opportunity. If I am correct, and you never know, but it was Vince and Kevin Dunn who said, ‘Yes, bring her back.’ So, I appreciate that. At the time, it was an excellent opportunity. Along the way, I was given incredible opportunities. I was able to travel the world. At a certain point, people need to change and grow and grow up and learn that the world is changing. Even though I may appreciate the opportunities that I was given in the past, I really wish that Vince would learn and listen to people. It worked in the past. I’m happy for you, you created an industry, good on you, but at a certain point, because you are the pinnacle and the definition of what professional wrestling is, you need to show the world that you can change. That is the only way this industry gets better and is the only way that we can completely move forward. [WWE] has competitors, and they are doing a great job, but they do not have the reach, and because Vince has the reach, he could change a lot of lives. In that way, he needs to be more forward-looking and less like the high school football player that is like, ‘I had that great play, it was awesome.’ Cool. Let’s move forward and see what else you got. Are you now a family man, and do you really mean it, or is that some kind of marketing ploy. There are a lot of things that company says, that they do not truly believe because if they did, my husband and I would not have been fired this year, along with a lot of other wonderful people.”

Both Maria and Mike left the company in April 2020, casualties of the mass talent exits during the COVID-19 necessitated cutbacks, even though the talent had signed a five-year deal with the company in June 2019.

Credit for the interview: ROH Strong Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Fightful