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“I Was Just Like, ‘Man, This Is Trash'” – Roman Reigns On WWE’s Pandemic Output

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WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, has spoken out about the quality of WWE television he saw while he was absent from the company in 2020.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit professional wrestling, a lot of things changed. Independent shows were cancelled or postponed, WWE moved its product to the contained Performance Center in order to continue its output and minimise the risk of infection with a skeleton crew and several stars disappeared from television altogether.

Roman Reigns was one of these stars. Suffering from a weakened immune system after battling other life-threatening issues, ‘The Tribal Chief’ chose to step-away from the ring to protect himself and his family even though it meant sacrificing a major moment in history with Goldberg at WrestleMania 36.

Now, ‘The Head of the Table’ has spoken to FOX Sports about how his revolutionary heel character evolved through what he saw while he was away and how he wanted to be better than what the company had put out:

“I watched a couple of the shows. I did not follow it thoroughly. I tried to use as much of the time to be with my family and just really focus in and be present here at home, but on a few of the shows that I saw, I was just like, “Man, this is trash.” Like, you know what I mean? And that’s me, from the very top, thinking this because I always want to be way better than everybody else. This is no disrespect to what they were doing. They were busting their ass working really hard.

But, for me, I was like, “Man, I just know when it’s time to pull my trigger, I know exactly what I want to do. I know exactly the kind of stories I want to tell and the different tools I want to utilize in order to connect with our crowd, our audience that’s watching at home.” But, I knew it was all based off of emotion. I knew I had to be emotionally connected to what I was doing to be able to wear the skin of the character that I’m trying to convey to our audience. So, that was the most important thing is that I could completely focus in and concentrate 100% on what I was trying to do and the emotions that I was trying to convey throughout my narratives.”

Following a move to the WWE ThunderDome and the Amway Centre in August 2020, WWE’s product began to receive rave reviews for tight, logical and exciting pay-per-view events as well as steadily improving weekly television output.

Credit for the interview: FOX Sports