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“I Tried To Say I Was Gay. They Don’t Want To Print That” – D-Von On Dirt Sheet Writers

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Former WWE Tag Team Champion D-Von Dudley has spoken out about his displeasure with dirt-sheet writers for writing stories that aren’t the truth.

Recently, the Dudley Boy has hit the headlines when he professed his infatuation for Stephanie McMahon and was misquoted by many for his bout of ill-health being misjudged for something more serious. The situation caused the star to speak out against said websites that reported his demise and state that he was doing ok.

Now, the master of hardwood has taken to his Table Talk Podcast in order to lambast those who only report what they want, rather than stating the facts:

“I’m upset at these dirt sheet writers. I came out the closet, I tried to say I was gay and I tried to come out the closet and tell the truth. They don’t want to print that. They don’t want to say that. I tried to say I was going to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race, they don’t want to print that either. I’m upset. They can put bogus things about me falling in love with Stephanie McMahon, my health issues like I’m dying, they can put all that, but they can’t admit that I’m coming out the closet. I’m upset.”

D-Von’s claims that the reports that stated he was in love with Stephanie McMahon were bogus are correct. In the interview the star gave to Average Blokes Show, the word ‘love’ was never mentioned with the former ECW original instead pushing forth his infatuation for WWE’s Chief Brand Officer.

Currently, D-Von Dudley serves as WWE Producer and is serving in the same role of a remake of hit eighties show, Punky Brewster.

Credit for the interview: Table Talk

h/t for the transcription: Fightful