“I Offered Randy Savage Half A Million Dollars” – Jim Herd

Randy Savage Thumb

Former WCW Executive Vice President, Jim Herd, has revealed that World Championship Wrestling attempted to snag Randy Savage years prior to his 1994 debut.

Jim Herd is one of the most contentious personalities in the history of professional wrestling. During his time in charge of WCW, he was responsible for the exit of talent such as Ric Flair and The Road Warriors who disagreed with how he ran the company as well as being the man who didn’t see any stock in the tremendous Midnight Express.

Though revolutionary in his attempt to compete with Vince McMahon by introducing the same type of character concepts his opposition had seen success with – The Hunchbacks tale is a story on its own – Herd alienated the core NWA audience with creations such as Big Josh and The Ding Dongs.

However, now the legendary name has opened up about his time in charge of WCW and the fact that the company attempted to sign one of the greatest wrestlers in the world at that time – and arguably in history – Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage.

Speaking to AdFreeShows, Herd made the startling revelation that Savage was on his radar years prior the company actually securing his signature: