“I Never Lie, I Never Exaggerate” – Bret Hart Defends His Comments Online

Bret Hart

Bret Hart spent decades in the professional wrestling business, and his career is more than worthy of his WWE Hall of Fame induction in 2005.

However, in recent years Hart has gained a reputation for being critical of modern professional wrestling, and he’s also been called “bitter” because of comments made about fellow Hall of Famers, particularly when it comes to Goldberg.

During a recent interview with Sunday Night’s Main Event, Bret Hart hit out at claims that he’s never happy, saying he’s enjoyed plenty in his Hall of Fame career and that he has many happy memories.

“I’ve been happy a lot of times. I had a great career, I think back to some of my happiest memories, some of my hardest memories with Jim Neidhart when we were slugging it out. I’m blessed with so many Jim Neidhart stories, more than anyone else ever. Even my sister Ellie [Jim’s wife] doesn’t have as many Jim Neidhart stories. I have a lot of great memories, I’ve had a great career.”

“Sometimes, The Truth Hurts” – Bret Hart

Continuing, Bret Hart made it clear that he’s generally a satisfied person in life, and that rumors of his discontent come from him being unafraid to be direct with his criticism.

“I’ve always been, contrary to what people may think, I’ve always been a pretty satisfied and content person. I speak the truth, sometimes I rile people up by being a little direct and outspoken, but in the end, I tell the truth. If you don’t like the truth, you probably don’t like what I’m saying sometimes. I never lie, I never exaggerate, I just tell the truth. Sometimes it’s not necessary to be so honest, but sometimes it’s important to put things into the proper perspective.

“Wrestling is a very ill defined business that people don’t understand and people form opinions and people don’t always have all the information. Sometimes, you have to speak up for yourself.

“WWE, for example, is a big machine that promotes their side of things and when the screw job happened, I was suddenly just a wrestler out of business having to tell his side of the story. If you look back on it, I told my side of the story. I’ve always been a guy…my story has never changed. That’s the thing about me, I tell the truth. Sometimes, the truth hurts, and that’s unfortunate.”

h/t Fightful