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“I Love That For Him” – Chelsea Green Talks Matt Cardona vs. Nick Gage

Matt Cardona

One of the most shocking moments in wrestling this year was undoubtedly Matt Cardona attacking Nick Gage while disguised as Jon Moxley. The latter, of course, is no stranger to death matches as wife Renee Paquette expresses her discomfort on Twitter whenever the former AEW Champion puts his life on the line.

Matt Cardona isn’t quite so familiar with blood and guts as Gage nor Moxley, so how does his beau Chelsea Green feel about the prospect of a clash with a deathmatch legend?
Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Green opened up about the angle…

“I mean, I loved it! I was REALLY excited for it. And I’m mostly excited because I do feel like he was put in a box in the WWE, and maybe it was him that wanted to be in that box, maybe it was him that never pushed to get out of that box – but this is his chance to show the world SO much more.”

Green added that Cardona has been wrestling for so long, and that he deserves the added credibility this match will bring.

“He’s been wrestling for so long – since he was 18, he’s now 36. I mean, he really he’s a wrestling since he was, like, three years old. But I just feel like this puts a little bit more validity behind his name and I love that for him. I think he deserves that.”

Will Chelsea Green watch the match though? Maybe not.

“I don’t really want to go and watch it. I don’t really want to witness it. I already had to see the massive cut that he has on its arm that should require stitches. So I’m a little bit nervous for it, of course, just being his fiancee, but I am more excited for it.”

Interestingly, Green noted how her relationship with Matt Cardona benefits from them both being in wrestling, but having their journeys take different paths rather than being paired alongside one another.

“Oh, OK, so normally I would say facing, but one time I got in the ring with him and wrestled him and he’s really, really stiff – so I think that he would kill me. So I think instead I’m actually going to go with alongside him. I do think that our relationship is healthy because we don’t include wrestling too much in it. We support each other, but we go our separate ways. So that’s also something that, if we do explore that, it’s going to be truly you guys will be seeing it in real time for the first time like we are. So it’ll be interesting.”

You can read the full interview here.

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