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“I Just Don’t See It” – The Undertaker On If Vince McMahon Asked Him To Return

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The Undertaker has spoken out on what his reaction would be if Vince McMahon asked him to return to the ring following his retirement at WWE Survivor Series.

Retirement in wrestling rarely ever lasts. Men like Mick Foley, Terry Funk and Ric Flair have proven that the word is just a clever ruse to get people to tune in, in the hope that one of their all-time favourites gets the farewell they so truly deserve. Months or even weeks later, professional wrestlers are usually back between the ropes doing what they love most.

Even names like Shawn Michaels, who seemed that he would rigorously stick to the stipulation of his bout with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 26, finally broke and came out of inactivity for one more match.

Speaking to CBS Sports, The Undertaker was questioned on what he would say should be invited back to in-ring competition by Vince McMahon and where his mind set currently sits in regards to a return before he’s even officially retired:

“You know, I have to deal not only with my thoughts and my conscience, but I also have to deal with Vince’s thoughts and his conscience. A lot of times, they’re not always on the same page. Vince’s line is, ‘You never say never.’ But where I’m at, I don’t see myself getting to a point where I’m going to be physically better in a couple of years than I am now. I’m going to be a couple of years older and a couple of years slower.

So yeah, I mean, I just don’t see it. Not in the capacity where I’m going to get in the ring and actually work. Whether I have some sort of role, that’s a different thing, but my days in the ring I think are long gone now.”

Long-time devotees will sincerely hope that The Undertaker is the exception to the rule of retirement in professional wrestling. However, viewers of ‘The Last Ride’ documentary already know his great loyalty to the man who helped make him a legend and how hard he has found it in years past to turn him down.

After thirty years as arguably the greatest creation World Wrestling Entertainment have ever churned out, The Undertaker will make his Final Farewell at WWE Survivor Series on November 22.

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Credit for the interview: CBS Sports

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