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“I Hated Him, Now I’d Die For Him” – Goldberg On Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon

Goldberg has opened up about his relationship with Vince McMahon, revealing how he’d “die” for WWE’s CEO.

In a new interview with Graham “GSM” Matthews of Bleacher Report, the WWE Hall of Famer has opened up on how he “hated” Vince McMahon at first, but spoke of a huge “swing of judgment”.

“I hated him in the beginning, and now I’d die for him. Let’s be perfectly honest. I don’t think there’s a bigger swing of judgment than I have had since I’ve been in WWE. I went into the business at WWE with unrealistic expectations. I went into WWE with my back against the wall, thinking everyone was out to get me. It was a tough situation for me to exist in, and it was almost an impossible situation for me to coexist in on a positive note. With that first year out of the way, I’ve grown as a wrestler. I’ve grown as a human being, and I’d like to think that Vince and I have grown as friends.”

The two-time WWE Universal Champion also opened up about embracing the business, and how much he owes it.

“I’ve learned to open my arms and take the business in for its good and for its bad, and you can’t help but grow attached to your surroundings when you’re there for a very long time. I do have a personal attachment to the business, to its fans and to the people behind the scenes. I owe it…I don’t want to say everything, but I owe it a lot. It’s given me the opportunity to provide for my family and be the person that I am, and I owe everything to it. I’d like to think that I’m continually giving back to it, and it’s something, yes, I do have a passion for and, yes, I have a lot for that I never had.”

Meanwhile, it looks like we’re heading for a Spear vs Spear match between Goldberg and Roman Reigns, which the Hall of Famer says “needs” to happen.

“If the Roman Reigns match isn’t the match at the top of my priority list, then I wouldn’t be Goldberg. That’s a match that needs to happen. It’s a match that’s needed to happen for a very long period of time. I wish I would’ve been able to have that match ten years ago.”

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