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“I Grabbed Ronda And Put Her In A Headlock” – Natalya On Dealing With ‘Fake’ Wrestling Comments

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‘The Queen of Harts’ Natalya has spoken out about the comments made by best friend Ronda Rousey about professional wrestling.

While absent from WWE and attempting to start a family with husband Travis Brown, ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey conducted an interview with Jackass star, Steve-O, on the talent’s Wild Ride podcast. During said interview, the former WWE Raw Women’s Champion sent wrestling fandom into a frenzy by calling the industry fake.

While the comments have since been forgotten, Rousey was forced to take to social media only days later to defend herself against a wave of backlash but never received an honest opinion of her take from those in the trenches.

Now, Ronda’s good friend, Natalya, has sat down with Sportskeeda to discuss what was said during the podcast and her feelings on someone who loves the business calling it out as make-believe:

“Umm, it was taken (laughs), it was taken, gosh, let me figure out how to answer this. First of all, I grabbed Ronda and put her in a headlock, and gave a headlock takeover after she made those comments. You know, I think Ronda is somebody that speaks from her heart too. And that’s something I can respect. She felt a certain way. She felt like, ‘Hey, the world that she came from, MMA, you know it’s different from WWE, and I’m really big on people being allowed to have their own voice. Their own perspective, and while I might not have agreed with her on her statements because I have the utmost respect for everything we do in the WWE, it’s her opinion, and she is allowed to have her own opinion. And it’s like very much in politics, which I never discuss, my political views with anyone.

But, I believe that everyone is allowed to have their own views, their own opinions, their own ideologies of what they think is right or wrong. It’s part of being in a free country. But, when it comes to what Ronda said about, you know, wrestling being fake, I disagree with her on that because there are only a handful of men and women in the entire world who can do what we do. And, I think she knows that as well as anyone because it is tough as hell to do what we do. This is a very, very, very hard industry. But, she has her views, and I respect her views, but I don’t agree with her views.”

The last time we saw Ronda Rousey in a WWE ring was WrestleMania 35, when she dropped the WWE Raw Women’s Championship to Becky Lynch in a historic main event.

Ever since the mega-star had been seen training with the likes of James Storm in 2020, rumour has been abound that she is set for a return at the 2021 Royal Rumble and a prominent role at WrestleMania 37.

Credit for the interview and transcription: Sportskeeda