“I Don’t Care What You Think About My Gimmick” – Miro [Exclusive]


For ten years, Miro had zero experience of wrestling on television outside of WWE, but two months ago, the Bulgarian super-athlete would astonish the world by appearing on AEW Dynamite.

However, despite seemingly the entire world clamouring for the move to happen, people were still somehow unhappy. When Miro confirmed he was All Elite, it was a joyous moment for the former WWE United States Champion. Some may even say he was ecstatic! However, some fans would complain – about his choice of clothing and the storyline Miro found himself in.

But does the man himself regret anything? Not at all.

Well… Actually, maybe just one thing, as AEW’s new star told Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy in an exclusive interview.

“If I could have found a pink Mickey Mouse shirt, I would have probably wore that! That’s why I’m not happy.

“If I could have found the pink Mickey Mouse shirt, I would have gone out with that – because I don’t care what you think about my clothing. I don’t care what you think about my gimmick. I don’t care about any of these things because, quite honestly, I don’t care. I am The Best Man, man.”

Miro went on to say that the annoyance is down to lack of patience.

“I think what we have done – and it’s not just the fault of wrestling, but just as a society, we want the quick turnaround right away – right then and there. We don’t like waiting for episodes to come week to week. We don’t want to wait the 30 minutes. We don’t want to even wait for the ads. We don’t want to wait for 30 second ads – because we just want the final product right then and there.”

The Best Man, however, is adamant that, despite being delighted about his debut personally, there would have been criticism regardless of how he’d debuted.

“If I had come to AEW and become champion on day one, there were going to be 90 other million people who were going to be like, ‘Oh, well, look at this. He’s just another a former WWE guy just coming in and taking the title. And look, we have Hangman Page and the Bucks, and everybody else is just waiting for their opportunity.’ So you have that. So, if you go by making fans happy, that’s just impossible. That’s why I’m going to do me, because I know how to do me better than anybody else.

You can read the entire interview here.

Thanks to Miro for taking the time, and to All Elite Wrestling for setting up the chat. You can follow Miro on Twitter here and on Twitch here. You can watch Miro on AEW Dynamite every Wednesday at 1am via Fite TV.