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“I Didn’t Understand It” – Undertaker On CM Punk’s UFC Switch

CM Punk

The Undertaker has opened up about CM Punk’s switch from professional wrestling, saying he “didn’t understand it” and that it was late for him to make the transition.

Speaking on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, The Deadman opened up about CM Punk, and how he went from being “the top dude” in WWE to fighting in UFC – and potentially not having enough background to do so.

“I didn’t understand it. He had an issue with the company. Sometimes people just wanna… they need a new challenge. But he was the top dude, he was a top guy for the company. Sometimes, like I said, I don’t know enough because I wasn’t around enough at that time, but I don’t know that he had enough background [to fight in UFC]. It was kind of late in the game, I think, for him to make that transition.”

Undertaker also revealed on the podcast how he struggles to watch WWE after retiring at Survivor Series in 2020.

“I try [to enjoy it as a fan]. It’s tough for me because the product has changed so much and it’s kind of soft.

”I’ll probably piss a lot of people off but they need to hear it. It is what it is. But to the young guys, ‘oh, he’s a bitter old guy.’ I’m not bitter, I did my time. I’m good, I walked away when I wanted to walk away.

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