“I Could Have A Better F*cking Match Than Him” – Jim Cornette Believes Tony Khan Should Fire AEW Veteran

Jim Cornette

The legendary professional wrestling manager, booker and promoter Jim Cornette has long been a fierce critic of AEW but a recent performance by one of the promotion’s wrestlers had him calling for Tony Khan to putting a certain trainer on the unemployed list.

Speaking on his podcast Jim Cornette Experience he did not hold back when talking about the training methods of QT Marshall using the in-ring action of Preston Vance as ammunition from his vent.

Preston Vance is embarassing. Is that a student of QT’s? Well, in that case then there’s a good reason to fire QT Marshall. If I was Tony Khan, I’d hire QT’s parents so I could fire ’em for having him that led to that.

This guy has just admitted that he has been in and or around the wrestling business for eight f***ing years, and right now at almost 62 years old with one ACL, another reconstructed, two hernia surgeries, a bad neck, a bad shoulder, a bad back, a bad hip, and a f***ing bunion, I can work better than Preston Vance.

I will f***ing prove that. If Preston Vance wants to challenge me, I’ll go three minutes with anybody and do a better three minutes than f***ing him. I’m just saying, for three minutes I could f***ing have a better match than Preston Vance as I sit here right now.

Jim Cornette Recently Spoke On AEW’s Drama With CM Punk

Speaking exclusively to Kenny McIntosh for Inside the Ropes, Cornette brought his unique take on all the latest drama surrounding Collision, CM Punk and Ace Steel.

All three were in the news again following the official announcement of the new Saturday night show AEW Collision. It was long reported that the new show would revolve around the return of CM Punk. However, the announcement just created another round of controversy as Punk was edited out of the press release.

During the interview, Cornette stated that AEW has “shot themselves in the foot” by allowing the situation to get as messy as it has.

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