“I Can’t Wait Until We Get This Sh*t Done With” – AEW Stars Surprising Reaction To Double or Nothing Match

AEW Double or Nothing

Jeff Hardy recently returned to AEW after almost a year away and instantly tasted success at Double Or Nothing.

Hardy teamed with brother Matt and HOOK to defeat Ethan Page and The Gunns at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in his first pay per view match since the prior years Double Or Nothing event.

Whilst most would expect Hardy would be delighted to return to the ring, his brother and tag team partner Matt has revealed that wasn’t quite the case.

AEW star Matt Hardy Reveals His Brother Just Wanted to Get Through Double Or Nothing Bout

Speaking on his podcast, The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy, former ECW Champion Matt Hardy revealed that brother Jeff was simply wanting to get the match over with:

“All throughout the day, he said, ‘I can’t wait until we get this sh*t over with.’ He was ready to get through that match. He just wanted to get it done.

It’s so funny because Jeff said ‘I know people are going to have low expectations for me. They think I’m not going to be good. They think I’m not going to be crisp.’ He was in great shape, cardio-wise, everything else, he was in great ring shape as far as that goes.”

Matt Hardy would go on to explain that a spot late on in the match at Double Or Nothing, which saw Jeff Hardy slip on the ropes, was in fact planned but not executed as originally laid out:

“So we were gonna highlight Jeff, let him be a big star, let him go on a kickass comeback, do all his stuff, and to transition to segue to getting HOOK in there for doing the finish, that is why we implemented that Jeff Hardy slips on the Whisper in the Wind spot, to get HOOK get in there and let HOOK ultimately take the finish and get the win and get the rub by winning the match that includes Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Full transparency, he wanted to go up and just slip the one leg off, but he got his one leg caught over the top rope a little bit, which is something he didn’t plan to do. But the slip is obviously something that had been thought ahead of time.”

H/T Fightful for the above transcription