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“I Can Lead. I Am A Ratings Spike” – The Miz

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Former Mr. Money in the Bank, The Miz, has opened up about being a ratings winner and having the tools needed in order to lead Monday Night Raw.

A former WWE Champion in his own right when he cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase on Randy Orton in 2010, The Miz was the figurehead of the red brand for a limited time at the beginning of 2011.

Now, the self proclaimed ‘A-Lister’ believes that he is ready to resume the role as over the last decade he’s furthered his image, built his brand and learned a lot more than when he was in the position first time around.

Prior to WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs on December 20, the star spoke to WWE’s The Bump about being ready to lead the company into a new age when the call finally comes:

“I can lead Monday Night Raw, I could lead Friday Night SmackDown, I can lead any show that is given to me and it’s right there. So you take any show, you put me in any situation, I can make it succeed. So once I cash in the Money in the Bank contract successfully, I will successfully defend the WWE champion and be the champion that Monday Night Raw needs and the ratings will go up. I am a ratings spike.”

Going further, The Miz stated that not only was he the future of the promotion, but as WWE Champion he could be the man to give hope to the smaller athletes on the roster and make them bigger stars in turn:

“I was one of those champions that anyone could beat anyone at any time and that’s what made it so entertaining and so made people want to watch even more. If you look at the ratings back then, the ratings when I was champion were very, very high. Why? Because on any given night, any given superstar could be WWE champion. All your little favorites out there, ‘I want this guy, give me Ricochet. Oh, the best in-ring technician. Please give me him. You know, he should be the champion.’ He could be champion, if people believed that he could be champion if he just gets the opportunity.”

For now, The Miz will only have to dream about being top of WWE’s mountain once more. At WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs, the talent finally cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase in the opening bout between Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles, failing to capture the WWE Championship in the process.

Credit for the interview: WWE’s The Bump

h/t for the transcription: Fightful