“I Burned My Own Bridges” – ECW Original Reflects On Lack Of Success In WWE

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In ECW, a number of key performers immediately spring to mind when discussing the defunct promotion’s most successful alumni. Among them is Raven. The real-life Scott Levy was a six-time champion in the Paul Heyman-helmed ‘Land of the Extreme’, holding the ECW World Heavyweight Championship twice and the ECW World Tag Team Championships four times.

The recently-inducted IMPACT Hall of Famer also enjoyed two stints in the then-World Wrestling Federation, before and after his success in ECW. Though he appeared as Raven in his latter run, he was promoted as Johnny Polo in the first, the manager of Adam Bomb and subsequently The Quebecers.

Raven’s second WWF run saw him capture a record 27 Hardcore Championships in the span of two years. This marked the height of his career under the watchful eye of Vince McMahon, with his release coming in January 2003.

Raven Blames Himself For WWE “Heat” Following ECW Success

Speaking during a recent K&S Wrestlefest virtual autograph signing, Raven discussed his run with the sports entertainment giant, believing that the “heat” was on him. He admitted that he would have liked to have been a WWE World Champion, as he had been in ECW:

“I would’ve liked to have been World Champion in New York [WWE]. But you know, that’s a hell of a lot of politics. A lot of the heat’s my fault, though, because I had to be the smartest guy in the room. Even if I wasn’t, I had to act like I was so I burned my own bridges. I knew it back then but couldn’t help it.”

Raven wrestled his final match for WWE on Monday Night Raw’s January 13, 2003 broadcast. He lost to Jeff Hardy in a Royal Rumble qualifying bout, which ultimately saw ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ enter the bout from the number fifteen position.

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