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“I Admire Him So Much” – Eric Bischoff on Dean Malenko

Dean Malenko

Eric Bischoff has lavished praise on former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Dean Malenko.Speaking on his 83 Weeks podcast, Bischoff had kind words for the current AEW senior producer when reviewing a match between Malenko and Alex Wright.

The former WCW President said:

“There’ll never be enough ways for me to put over Dean Malenko…Malenko, to me, represents the best of what I like.Knowing not everybody agrees with me and if I was producing a show today, I wouldn’t produce a show where everybody was some kind of version of a Dean Malenko style because I know not everybody likes that, but man I do.”

Bischoff continued, praising Malenko for the way he worked the match that occurred at Clash of the Champions 32:

“Every time I watch a Malenko match…I admire him so much, I appreciate him so much for his approach to it.This match was really simple, the story, the psychology behind this match was very simple.It worked because it was consistent throughout the match.Dean Malenko worked the leg, Dean Malenko took away the advantage of Alex Wright.

From a physicality perspective, a tale of the tape if you will. Alex Wright should have eaten Malenko alive in the ring but Dean Malenko was the smarter wrestler.Dean Malenko was the more experienced wrestler.Malenko knew that he was outmatched physically, so what did he do? He started chopping down the tree.He started at the legs and worked his way up, just like a good kickboxer would.”

A second-generation wrestler, Malenko competed in ECW, WCW, and WWE.Best known for his run in WCW, Malenko would claim Pro-Wrestling Illustrated’s number 1 wrestler in the world in their annual PWI 500 in 1997. Malenko was also one of ‘The Radicalz,’ who made the jump from WCW to WWE. Himself, Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, and Eddie Guerrero would shock the wrestling world when they appeared on Raw in January, 2000.

Eric Bischoff spoke about a number of topics, including when he called Vince McMahon after Nitro had beaten Raw in the ratings.

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