Hulk Hogan Took Inspiration From Ric Flair For Latest Project

Hulk Hogan pose

According to a new report, Hulk Hogan is feeling better than ever and getting into the CBD business.

The report from TMZ Sports features quotes from Hogan where he said that the idea came from seeing the success Ric Flair and Mike Tyson have enjoyed in recent months. The WWE Hall of Famer said the new venture was a “logical extension” of his current mindset.

“When I saw what Ric and Mike were doing, I instantly wanted to get on the team because you use CBD for energy, for sleep, for fitness — it just made sense. It’s a logical extension of where I already was but this is the safe way to approach things instead of that wild card way of doctor’s prescription stuff. It just didn’t make sense anymore,”

Hogan went on to talk up the positive effects of CBD while reflecting on his own injury struggles and multiple serious surgeries.

“I always joke about I didn’t get the memo that this stuff was ‘fake’ and after the 10 back surgery and two knees and two hips, it’s just a situation of you do get hurt out there all the time. I feel better than I’ve ever felt at 69 years old, I feel like I’m 25 again. It definitely helped me because as I said the slow walk back from the prescription drugs ended with me downing the Tylenol and the Advil and Aleve’s and finally even that wasn’t working for me.

As I moved away from that and got into the CBD world, it really changed the game from my sleep to the inflammation, the way my wrists and my joints hurt, across the board, it helped me with my health,”

When Did Hulk Hogan Last Appear For WWE?

Hulk Hogan made his first appearance on WWE television since WrestleMania 37 on the 30th-anniversary special of Monday Night Raw. On the show, the veteran appeared alongside long-time friend Jimmy Hart to open the show.