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Hulk Hogan To Big Show – “The Captain Insano Gimmick Is Money”

Big Show & Hulk Hogan

Paul Wight, formerly known as The Big Show, has commented on the possibility of wrestling as Captain Insano in AEW.

Speaking on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, Wight would open up about joining AEW and the company filing a trademark for the over-the-top character – who became a cult icon due to a cameo in Adam Sandler’s 1998 film The Waterboy.

“I just found out today that AEW applied for the trademark for Captain Insano. So yeah, I might bring back Captain Insano.”

Renee Paquette would react they way pretty much any fan of The Waterboy would have, with incredible enthusiasm, which prompted Wight to say he’d have “no problem” going full Hulk Hogan with the persona.

“I will totally rip Hulk [Hogan] off every chance I get. ‘Let me tell you something, brother, Captain Insano shows no mercy, dude.'”

Wight would add that, when he first appeared in Waterboy, Hulk Hogan actually advised him to use that gimmick – saying it was funny.

“The funny thing is when I did that Waterboy years ago, Hogan actually goes ‘Brother, you should get back into that, that gimmick is money. Captain Insano, that’s money brother.’

Meanwhile, Paul Wight added that Hulk Hogan’s ‘Mr America’ character, in which he donned a lucha-esque mask and a cape emblazoned with the United States flag, was inspired by the Waterboy character.

“I think the whole reason he did Mr. America is because he was infatuated with Captain Insano.”

h/t Bleeding Cool