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Hulk Hogan Recalls What He Told Undertaker When He Met Him

Hulk Hogan & Undertaker

Throughout the course of this week, leading up to and following The Undertaker’s Final Farewell at Survivor Series, the tributes have come pouring in for The Deadman – and Hulk Hogan has now posted a heartfelt message too.

The WWE Hall of Famer would tweet saying Undertaker was “always nothing but money” before claiming he told The Deadman Vince had to meet him upon the pair’s first encounter.

“Amazing career the Undertaker has had,30yrs of Main Events and always was nothing but money,I will never forget Taker on the set of Suburban Commando,I told him Vince needs to meet you,30 awesome years brother HH”

The legendary Undertaker bid his Final Farewell at Survivor Series, entering the ThunderDome for the first – and last – time after a heartwarming introduction from Vince McMahon following several legends and Hall of Famers honouring The Deadman. Undertaker would give a short speech before bowing to a hologram of Paul Bearer, and saying his final goodbyes.

“For thirty long years, I’ve made that long walk to the ring. I’ve made that long walk to the ring and have laid people to rest, time and time again. Now my time has come, to let The Undertaker Rest in Peace.”

The Deadman’s final match will go down in history as the Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36, where Undertaker was victorious over The Phenomenal One – AJ Styles.