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Hulk Hogan Reveals What Andre The Giant Taught Him With Incredible Tribute

Hulk Hogan & Andre The Giant

28 years after the passing of the legendary Andre The Giant, one of the Hall of Famer’s most iconic rivals – Hulk Hogan – has paid tribute to his former foe.

Sharing a heartfelt memorial message on Twitter, The Immortal Hulk Hogan remembered his “big brother” and spoke of how Andre taught him respect for the business, working using instincts and connecting to the crowd.

“28yrs ago Andre passed, my big brother, he taught me respect for our business and also taught me how to work using my instincts and my connection with the crowd. His timing was perfect and made me understand the greatest matches are the ones that u don’t talk about beforehandRIPHH”

Esteemed wrestling author Pat Laprade would note how Andre passed away on January 28th, 1993, not the 27th – which was reiterated by Dave Meltzer.

Andre The Giant, of course, went “undefeated” in WWE for 13 years in the then WWWF and WWF, having never been pinned or submitting – before turning heel to feud with Hogan – who was the biggest babyface in the industry at that time.

In 1987, this would take the form of Hogan being presented with a trophy for being World Heavyweight Champion for three years on the much-loved Piper’s Pit, with Andre The Giant congratulating him with a rather firm handshake. The following week, Andre was presented with a much more modest trophy for being the only undefeated wrestler in history. The Hulkster congratulated Andrew but stole the limelight, which saw tensions rise. Thus began the build to one of the most iconic moments in professional wrestling – the bodyslam heard around the world at WrestleMania III.